Christian Yelich Has Homered In Each Game: Now On Pace For a 162-Dinger Season

Having hit a homer in all six of this season’s games means Christian Yelich is already in with some pretty epic company. Sharing is this honor is Trevor Story (2016), Chris Davis (2013), Nelson Cruz (2011), Mark McGwire (1998), and Willie Mays (1971).

It’s understandable that expecting a player to hit a homer in all 162 games is laughable … but, it is at least fun to think about.

Anyways, it is likely that Yelich is going to keep the pace going on Monday as he faces Taner Roark of the Reds. Roark is no stranger to watching his pitches leave the park, as not only did he allow 24 long balls last season, but his homerun allowance has increased each and every year in the majors.

Sounds like Yelich is going to feast to me.

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