Don Mattingly starring in “The Walking Dead Los Angeles”


Don Mattingly, Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp in a composite image with Walking Dead poster background.
Can Don Mattingly, Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp transform The Walking Dead in Los Angeles?

Have you seen the latest episode of that cool TV series, “The Walking Dead?” You know the one where the half-dead zombies roam the earth in search of sustenance from the living?

Well, there is a brand-new episode that’s only airing in Los Angeles right now, but it will soon hit the broadcast waves everywhere. Here is the basic premise for the new episode:

Don Mattingly is a half-alive human who’s managed to fight off his zombie boss with the dead wig on the top of his head, Ned Colletti. But Mattingly is running for his life! He does have some backup in the form of able-bodied humans Adrian Gonzalez, Mark Ellis, Clayton Kershaw, Carl Crawford and A.J. Ellis.

But bad things keep happening on this show. Mattingly will leave a starting pitcher in a game too long, and the zombies come and eat the pitcher’s brains. Then Mattingly will call a middle reliever human in from the bullpen, only to see him turn into a zombie and forget how to throw strikes.

Don Mattingly is one tough hombre who talks a big game. He keeps saying he’s not afraid of the zombies and he still has a job to do – to keep Los Angeles zombie-free and focused on crawling out of the cellar that will lead to ultimate death and destruction.

We’re all pulling for Don Mattingly on “The Walking Dead.” We want to see him fight off this zombie insurgence, but the odds are looking worse in every episode.

As if Mattingly needs any help in digging his zombie grave in Los Angeles, he is getting it in the form of some of the show’s former heroes. One former zombie killer is now Mattingly’s biggest albatross.

In past episodes, Matt Kemp used to slay zombies at a record-breaking pace. Now, every time Kemp swings at a zombie, it disappears and he is left holding his bat in disgust. Kemp has been swinging at zombies that aren’t even within striking distance, too, which makes it even more frustrating for Mattingly!

Another zombie basher in past episodes is also a point of consternation for Mattingly on this season’s “Walking Dead.” Andre Ethier was one of Don Mattingly’s main zombie slayers, but he now looks like he would rather hang out with the women and children rather than hunt the undead.

When Ethier scored from first on a double in a game last week, that was the first time I’ve seen him play with passion all season. Ethier was benched by Mattingly because his zombie zeal had been questioned.

What does all this mean for this struggling TV series? Will Don Mattingly and “The Walking Dead” live to see another season?

Rumors are the network is planning to pull the plug on Mattingly’s acting career in Los Angeles. A new lead named Tim Wallach is probably going to step in and replace Don Mattingly.

Of course, other changes will have to be made for this show to generate enough Nielsen’s ratings to remain profitable. Ethier just might have to land on another show in another city, replaced by a younger, sexier actor named Yasiel Puig.

Perhaps Ethier will end up on “Lost,” or “Cold Case.” He could get things together, however, and land on “Justified” or “Survivor.” Wherever his career takes him, though, Ethier probably won’t be acting in Los Angeles.

What might this new TV show in Los Angeles be called without Mattingly and Ethier? Here’s hoping that Wallach, Kemp and the other Dodger actors make it more than “Two and a Half Men.”

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