Fantasy tango: The love/hate of Francisco Liriano

Francisco Liriano, I can't quit you ... yet. (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

For each of us, we look at different qualities that define what we want from a fantasy player. Whether it encompasses pitching or hitting, we are magnetized to certain players for better or worse. These players bring out the worst qualities in us because we continually overrate them, which, in turn, hurts our chances at winning. Francisco Liriano, for me, is, without a doubt, the number-one player on my list.

Something in the back of my mind draws me to this pitcher. I do not know if it is what he flashed the year before he went down with Tommy John or what he has flashed since then. Seeing his amazing 9:1 K/BB rate this spring made me absolutely giddy; however, spring training has ended, and now we have to come back into reality, so to speak.

Liriano’s stat line from his Saturday debut against the mighty Baltimore Orioles: 4 IP, 8 hits, 6 runs, 5 ER, 2 BB and 4 K. If this were the 1-3 juggernaut New York Yankees, I might give him a pass. But this is the Orioles. In all reality this season, they are finishing dead last. Not, “hey, we were only 10 games out of first” last, but more like 30-35 games out of first. So, Liriano’s stat line comes against one of the worst teams in baseball, and, yet again, I have been suckered into owning this guy.

I, like most of you, are already looking around at possible replacement candidates. I love what Jeff Samardzija flashed this weekend, and I am trying to talk myself into guys like Lucas Harrell, who also looked good this weekend. Like most of you, I just hope this is the last year I look at the Lirianos of the world for help and latch onto someone who actually helps.

Here is my top 10 list of players I have fallen victim into taking too early (some still have a chance to turn into what I thought they were):

  1. Francisco Liriano — for reasons listed above
  2. Jason Heyward — for the possibility of what he could be
  3. Justin Morneau — for his MVP like years
  4. Josh Johnson — for his Cy Young possibility
  5. Madison Bumgarner — for the year year he goes from so-so pitcher to elite
  6. Sean Rodriguez — for the year he puts it all together
  7. Derek Holland — for the MVP year
  8. Stephen Strasburg — for his transcendent year
  9. Jordan Zimmermann — for the year year he goes from so-so pitcher to elite
  10. Joe Mauer — to get the power that he has flashed in the years I have not owned him


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