Letter from the founder: What do you want to see?

As founder of Through the Fence Baseball, I would like to thank everyone who has visited and participated in discussions throughout the lifespan of our site. From our Fantasy Leagues to our stellar baseball articles, our Talking Shop with Ryan Shopshire, and don’t forget our somewhat baseball related articles, we have quickly established ourselves on the World Wide Web. (When’s the last time you saw that reference?)

We have some great articles, columns, interviews, and guest posts coming up.  We are fresh, and we have some fresh ideas. But what generates more content and enthusiasm from us, is hearing back from YOU.  Comments, Facebook likes, and emails from you guys tell us what you want to read about. Let’s face it, where would we be without our readers?! That’s why the feedback from you guys is the most important thing. There are several ways to help us out and let us know what you are thinking!

  • Email us at throughthefencebaseball@gmail.com!
  • Social Bookmark us! Facebook Likes, Tweets, Share tools. One article is at over 150 Facebook likes…and counting!
  • Comment on our articles! Our entire staff participates in commenting. We love the debate!
  • Make a donation: Click on any PayPal button you see or you can send money to throughthefencebaseball@gmail.com
  • If you want to mail a donation: Please email us for the address. (Don’t want spammers!) Can be as low as .25 to as high as you want to donate.
  • People who donate and participate on our website get first priority for responding and special giveaways/features.
  • Sign up for our Breaking News
  • Click on any ads on the site! It’s almost like donating to us!

By you guys helping us out with commenting, social bookmarking, and DONATIONS, we are able to keep our writers and produce more content to your needs.  We can only go as fast as you will let us! Don’t worry; donations will go to our writers and server fees. The more traffic, the more we have to pay!

Have an idea? Let us know! Do you want to see more of a certain team? Is your team not being taken care of? Let us know! Do you want polls? WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE??

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