Friday Fantasy Roundup: Mad Men, women and drafts

NCAA hoops, fantasy drafts and Mad Men season premier -- the perfect weekend. (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

This weekend is going to be absolutely insane. Four games of NCAA March Madness Friday, two games Saturday and two games Sunday as well as a whole slate of NBA games. Sunday night is also the season premiere of the greatest show on television. Not one, but a two hour premiere of AMC’s Mad Men. Even with all of this going on this weekend, for some of us, this is the big fantasy draft weekend.

I used to be a one-league kind of guy, and now I’m in four. Through this gauntlet of amazing must-see basketball and two hours of the greatest drama on television, I have to do three drafts on Sunday in roughly 4 hours. It would be fine if I lived on my own, because I could draw the blinds, order pizza and beer, and not come out of my man cave for a good 48 plus hours. While in some fantasy land this would be ideal; nonetheless, I have an old lady that will not be very happy if this is the case.

I have laid the groundwork. I subtly asked what “our” plans were this weekend. None. First hurdle cleared. Next, I cooked an amazing Thai dish (pineapple chicken curry) to butter her up, then casually mentioned to her that I have a “stupid baseball draft thingy” this Sunday. With a full stomach, she hesitated but gave in to my will. Needless to say, she is still going to be super ticked, that from 5 p.m. on, I will be glued to my computer staring at draft boards, with the squeaking of tennis shoes in the background; while all the while, counting down the minutes for Mad Men. When Monday comes, I will have to deal with a couple dirty glances or maybe even a punch in the balls. Regardless of her range of emotions and or assaults, I am beyond excited about this weekend. Go Wildcats!

Now, onto the news.

Let’s start with the most important headline going into non-keeper league drafts which would be Miguel Cabrera getting his eye jacked up. I have been wavering over who should go first this season. I like safe first-round picks (if there is actually such a thing), and I do not like to get cute with my top-tier picks. I have really been wanting to take Kemp number-one overall, and this minor Cabrera injury kind of pushed him to the top for me. Third base is a tough position to play, and Cabrera is not going to win any Gold Gloves in the near future there. This worry is enough to push him down to second overall. I could be wrong, and he could jack 40 home runs, but I will take my chances with Kemp.

We are not sure what is going on with Chase Utley‘s knees; however, we do know that he will be out of commission for at least opening day, and I think Utley needs to get the number of Kobe’s doctor. All kidding aside, Utley is going onto my do-not-draft list because, if you want him, you are going to have to take him around his average draft position. Someone in your league will pull the trigger for this guy, I hope it is not you.

The bright and shiny, young Bryce Harper is taking his talents Syracuse in triple-A ball. I see this as a move to get him more reps in at center field and to help him progress his bat discipline. If he crushes triple-A, he could be up early like Eric Hosmer was last season; however, I would not hold my breathe on this. I see a June call-up coming.

Good, way-too-old Andy Pettitte is coming back to the Yankee’s this season. He will start in the minors and could see some action in the rotation. Now, this may not matter to a standard 12-team mixed league or even an AL-only league, but you never know.

Francisco Liriano, how you kill me every year. Just when I thought things were over between me and you, you put on our favorite song (five no-hit innings), remind me of the things I love about you (9.0 KK/BB this spring) and rope me back in. I am going to draft you, and you are going to want to make me throw my remote into my television after you start off slow this year. But don’t worry, you will have the one or two good starts and I will rope some other dope into trading for you.

Bo Jackson 2.0 aka, Yoenis Cespedes will be making his MLB debut on opening day in Japan. Scouts have been raving about this guy, but I do not think that this will be an impact year for him. For every Mike Trout and Bryce Harper there are 10 Delmon Young‘s. Don’t overpay.

The guy that has made me forever hesitant to jump into celebration piles after I crush a wiffle ball 250 feet (rough estimation) is back! Kendrys Morales, after being out for 22 months made his debut with the Angels. Needless to say, I am getting this guy on my team. He is a potential 30 home-run guy going at the end of drafts.

Finally, Grant Balfour has been named the closer for the A’s. I think this is the right move and I think he could be a nice steal in drafts if you are waiting for closers.

All-right, I hope everyone has a good time this weekend and stay out of jail!  I know this weekend is going to be a good one, unless the Wildcats lose. Then I will be drunk and unbearable.

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