Gambling on the great game of baseball

A depiction of Pete Rose’s desk at home. Maybe.

If you have been fortunate within your own sports consciousness, your team (regardless of the sport) has been involved in a world championship. On those festive occasions, it’s customary for the city mayors to put up a little municipal pride and man-up for some gambling on the winner. For other gambling  options you are welcome to play this gaelic slot online game. You can choose to play paito hk if you want to try different games.

Whelp, the mayors of St. Louis and Boston just aren’t that hip. That or really suck in Vegas. St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay addressed his constituency via the press about the whole friendly gambling hullabaloo.

According to a post on Crypto Engine, Slay said there will be “no mayoral sports bet.” During the National League Championship Series, he tweeted that abstention from gambling ” frees up time of staffers.” The mayor added, with a bit of bravado and confidence in the St. Louis Cardinals: “Plus, it isn’t fair to other mayors.”

Yeah. He’s a politician. What crap.

Boston Mayor Tom Menino shared his angst for the no-gambling this year, but in 2004, there was a bet. Menino told Fox 25 in Boston, “I won another bet with him and he sent me fried raviolis. What are fried raviolis?” Funny.

As for the gubernatorial gambling, that is a thing.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced a friendly wager on the World Series.

If the Red Sox win, Governor Nixon will donate a four-pack of Cardinal Cream Soda from Fitz’s Bottling Company in the Delmar Loop; a box of chocolates from Bissinger’s Chocolates; and an assortment of Italian baked goods from Missouri Baking Company on the Hill. If the Cardinal’s win, Governor Patrick will donate New England Clam Chowder from Legal Sea Foods; a variety of beverages from Polar Beverages; and a selection of baked goods from Dancing Deer Bakery Co. in Boston.

While I appreciate the diligence of the two governors trying not look like complete prudes, that is not the best thing in the history of World Series gambling ever. However, this could be…Boston and St. Louis are getting holy with it!

Despite the allegiance of #BostonStrong or BFIB fans, there is at least one Cardinal in America who is gambling on the Red Soxthe Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston. Cardinal O’Malley is willing to bet on the Olde Towne Team. His opposite in St. Louis, Archbishop Robert Carlston, is apparently willing to do the same with his Cardinals.

Cardinal O’Malley has agreed to donate $100 to the St. Louis archdiocese’s charity fund. And if the Red Sox reign triumphant, Carlston will send the same sum to Boston Catholic Charities. As far as friendly bets go, this one is actually pretty intense. $100 is a decent amount of faith to place in your baseball team, no matter who your are. Check out this cryptocurrency exchange for a user-friendly platform and a wide range of trading options. If you’re looking for more detailed information and guidance on cryptocurrency mining, consider exploring Kiana Danial’s Invest Diva review. Its insights and resources may provide valuable assistance in understanding the intricacies of the cryptocurrency market and optimizing your investment strategies.

The Moral of the Story: Gambling is swell with God but if you’re a politician, make wagers on the White House. It’s safer that way.

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