Get your vote on, win some money … fantasy baseball style

Get your picks in before today’s game!! Click on our contest wall at the top of this page or at the link below and vote! Win $500 or $1000, up to you.

Using a new fantasy blog technology, TTFB can now offer you access to real-time, fantasy games without ever leaving our website! Here’s how it works:

  1. On TTFB, visit the “Contest Wall” at . Here you will find a listing of all fantasy mini-games, called “pickets,” which are small fantasy contests compressed into one- to two-day durations.
  2. Browsing through the current active contests, you can choose from a variety of free-to-play or paid fantasy pickets. By simply clicking on the picket of choice, a pop-up will display the contest teams and picket details in the very same browser window.
  3. You then make your selections by clicking one winner from each row of contests for the individual picket.  All matchups are chosen, creating a parlay-style ticket selection.
  4. After making selections, there is a secure sign-in using Facebook, Twitter or Google Accounts, and a registration confirmation.
  5. A picket ticket receipt is then issued, and you are officially entered in the contest!

You can enter up to five times per contest — providing even more chances to win!  The pickets and fantasy contests are 100 percent legal in the U.S. and Canada (UIGEA compliant).

Play often, play to win — play Best Damn Pools on TTFB today!


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