Gifts for Baseball Fans: Our List of Must-Have Items for the Super Fan

** Note: Our list of gifts for baseball fans is always growing, evolving, and getting better. Continue to check back as this list grows to include dozens and dozens of options in every price point.

Here’s the short: we take our baseball very seriously here at TTFB and, because of that, we have compiled some of the best gifts for baseball fans on the Internet.

We still believe that baseball is America’s pastime and that there is nothing more exciting as a baseball fan than watching your team chase down the pennant and make a run at the championship (editor note: unless you are like our co-founder, Brad, who is a Pirates fan).

Because of that, we compiled our list to make sure we captured the emotions inherent in the game of baseball. We didn’t want to find gifts for baseball fans that were “dust collectors” or something that they would fake excitement about when they opened the gift.

In order to help you out even further, we are going to break down the gifts by price point (low-end, mid-tier, and high-end gifts). That way you can exactly to where your current financial status allows you.

Gifts for Baseball Fans: Low-End $$

The Perfect Curve Cap Rack System

A lot of baseball fans that we know, including ourselves, are very big into collecting hats. At one point I seriously think I owned a hat for every team in MLB.

And I hate some of those teams *cough*Reds*cough*.

But the point stands: if you have a baseball fan that leaves collecting the caps of each team, then the Perfect Curve Cap Rack system is the perfect gift for your baseball fan.

This specific model allows for 36 caps (which, we most note, is more than the number of MLB teams, so that is good). It is also a major space saver, allowing you to hook the system on the back of a door, mounted to a wall, or hanged in your closet.

Importantly, the system allows you to clip the hats so they face forward. This might seem like a silly thing so your baseball fan can quickly pick the right one. And that may be the case. But, in reality, it is all about allowing your baseball fans caps to keep the perfect curve.

As well, please note that the rack is completely adjustable to fit the space that you have available for it.

Original Baseball Patent Posters

Baseball is a game of history and any true fan of the game will appreciate that.

And that is why these original baseball patent posters are one of the best gifts for baseball fans.

The artwork showcases the original patents for the baseball, the glove, the bases, bats, ad mask.

The artwork itself is 8” x 10” (frames not included) and are printed on high-quality Fuji Crystal Archive paper (to give the historical feel).

Gifts for Baseball Fans: Mid-Tier $$

Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns

Ken Burns, one of America’s most renown story tellers, provide the story of America’s national pastime. It is an epic overflowing with heroes and hopefuls, scoundrels, and screwballs. It is a saga spanning the quest for racial justice, the clash of labor and management, the immigrant experience, the transformation of popular culture, and the enduring appeal of the national pastime.

We here at TTFB absolutely love this documentary. It does an amazing job of telling the story of baseball from its very beginnings all the way through modern day (we are especially fond of the time Burns spends on the homerun race between Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, and Barry Bonds as we “come of age” into baseball during that timeframe).

Any baseball fan would be thrilled to receive this as a gift. Baseballs fans are, typically, very much into the history of the game. The stats. The figures. The folklore. This documentary by Ken Burns provides all of that.

Plus, it looks pretty slick on the DVD case beside your television.

Unopened Baseball Cards: 1980s to 1990s

Alright, I gotta admit: I have a big soft spot for this one.

And, honestly, this might be one of the best gifts for baseball fans. Especially ones born in the 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s.

I am a 1980s baby. And I was right at the tail-end of the height of baseball card popularity. Which is kind of sad, because we all know that they simply do not make baseball cards like they used to.

That is why coming across large collections like this quickly pique my interest. Ordering from this collector promises you 50 factory sealed packs ranging from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s.

You will receive packages from Topps, Fleer, Upperdeck, Score, Donruss, and a few other random card makers.

What is great about this gift is that it is the gift that keeps on giving for baseball fans. They could literally spend days slowly and methodically opening, going through, and sorting these packs (like any true baseball fan would).

You never know: you may come across a Cal Ripkin, a Nolan Ryan, a Wade Boggs, a Carlton Fisk, or another cards that could net you $1,000s of dollars on the card trading marketplace. It’s not very often you buy a gift for a baseball fan where the gift has the opportunity of making you money.

Rawlings Tanned-Leather Wallet

Yeah, I get it … this one might be a little like “oh thanks, another tie as a gift” kinda moment. But, trust us: this is a super unique gift for a baseball fan.

Let us tell you why.

It is a bit strange, but baseball fans have this odd connection with the baseball (that is: the physical ball) more so than fans of the NFL, NBA, or NHL.

There is something intangible about a baseball that any fan instantly feels a connection with when holding one in their hand.

That is why this wallet is so unique … the leather and stitching is the same used in real MLB baseballs.

That is why we think it is one of the most unique gifts for baseball fans on our list.

The wallet is pretty typical beyond that: it is bi-fold, includes a single bill compartment, two side pockets, and eight card slots.

And, most importantly: it is actually produce and crafted by Rawlings. It even comes in an awesome little Rawlings case for the perfect first impression on the baseball fan that opens it as a gift.

Gifts for Baseball Fans: High-End $$

Autographed Pete Rose “Sorry I Bet” Baseball

Pete Rose is arguably the most polarizing figure in baseball history.

Personally, I think he belongs in the Hall of Fame. He has served his sentence for betting on baseball. Plus, with what is currently going down with the Astros (cheating by signal stealing), one has to ask if what Pete Rose did is as bad.

But I digress.

The reason I love this as a gift for a baseball fan is because it captures who Pete Rose is: unapologetic and dripping with sarcasm.

The autographed baseball comes with a certification from JSA, a witnessed protection program that 100% guarantees that the autograph is completely and wholly authentic.

Autographed Sandlot Cast Movie Poster

Okay, so this is easily my favorite item on this list of gifts for baseball fans.

Anybody – and I mean ANYBODY – who is a fan of baseball has an extremely soft spot in their heart for the original Sandlot movie.

It perfectly captured what it was like to grow up in a more calm, relaxed, less hostile era of American society. Just thinking about the 4th of July scene, where the boys are able to play under the flashing lights of fireworks, almost makes me misty eyed.

And, trust me: it is not just me who has that type of reaction.

This is a 16×20 movie poster of the Sandlot cast, signed by the actors who played: Yeah Yeah, Tommy Repeat, Timmy, Smalls, Squints, Ham, Kenny, and Bertram.

It is, of course, 100% certified by the JSA so you know that is absolutely authentic.

I have a baseball room myself. Well, it is a television room … but I have it covered wall-to-wall in baseball stuff and I am personally considering purchasing my own copy of this to serve as the centerpiece.

If you have a baseball fan and do not know what to buy them as a gift, you simply cannot go wrong with this.

Gift Ideas for Baseball Fans

Please know that this is an always growing and evolving list.

If you are ever in need for another idea, swing back by and you will see that we are always adding, editing, and switching based on new gifts ideas we find or if stuff happens to sell out.

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