Hit The Deck: “But Dad, it’s Shark Week!”


Q: What is the most anticipated TV event for baseball’s tweeps?

A: Shark Week! Here’s what the guys had to say about great whites.


 Decker6 Cody Decker > Democrats and republicans were going to come up with a fair compromise to lower our nations debt this week… But it’s Shark Week, so….


 JarrodBParker Jarrod Parker > Heard the #tradedeadline ends today or something I just know for sure it’s #SharkWeek


 DannyEspinosa18 Danny Espinosa > Sharks dedicate a week to him #DosEquis


 HeathHembree Heath Hembree >Sharks have their own week dedicated to @garybrown909  >>>



 Daner13 Dane delarosa >but dad, it’s Shark week!


PeterMoylan Peter Moylan

#sharkweek makes me feel at home

> If I turn off shark week to watch bridesmaids is it a massive #manfail?

> Hahahaha nailed it!! RT @egarrity: Considering most brides are way scarier than sharks, no. But yeah kinda still.

> Falling asleep to #sharkweek a sure way to have your first nightmare in years!!

> Im honord to be followed by #sharkweek RT @SharkWeek: Don’t worry, you’re not on the menu. Sharks are confused by sidearm pitchers.

> These reenactments are no joke.. #sharkweek

> Fosters, Australian for people getting crunched by great whites!!!

DAVIDprice14 David Price

> Love it!! Thats why i dont get in the ocean though!!! RT @dbeau1996: what do you think about shark week? 

> I dont get in 10ft deep pools!! RT @ProperNig@DAVIDprice14 you don’t go in the gulf either?

> Shark week!!! Aquarium was pretty cool…their lack of snakes made me more comfortable http://lockerz.com/s/125752146


 AdamRussell36 Adam Russell > An off day tomorrow and #Sharkweek tonight. Good stuff. Not sure what I’m going to do tomorrow tho. Any ideas?


 MikeStanton27 Mike Stanton > AirJaws #sharkweek


 jfitzgerald31 Justin Fitzgerald

> apparently i need to go toSouth Africa…Air Jaws.

> #roguesharks .. Interesting, sharks hunting humans

> #sharkweek Great White Invasion #bestweekever

> Justin (to Heath Hembree): Would you rather… Swim amongst sharks or mingle in a pack of lions??


 HeathHembree Heath Hembree > after the fear of sharks that I have recently developed this week I’d rather mingle in a pack of lions


 JWieland108 Joe Wieland

> I think it’s time for #sharkweek !

> I totally agree! Great whites are the best! #jaws RT @EricaUDAbest@JWieland108 they could show the same shark jumping out of the water…


 str8edgeracer C.J. Wilson > Not going to be able to see any #sharkweek…hope @reverendgilbzset up the dvr before he leftdallas. Hotel TV doesn’t work


 BrettAnderson49 Brett Anderson

> Shark week #locked

> i want a t-shirt with just a Great White on it.


B__McCarthy Brandon McCarthy > what are you referring to?

> @BrettAnderson49 a great white shark. On your chest. Do it, do it now.

> @B__McCarthy it’ll prob be the Jaws logo, right in the middle of my chest. seems like a strong idea.


 HeathBell21 HeathBell

> Sharks are large and their teeth are sharp. #sharkweek

> In the next 5 minutes if you say something really cool about sharks I will RT you. GO! #sharkweek

> “@andrewmulville@HeathBell21 my cousin died from a shark attack two years ago :/”. That is sad my man…RIP.

> “@sweatyghost@HeathBell21 Sharks only bite if you touch their private parts #sweatyghost” hmmm

> My favorite shark is a tiger shark cuz they are #winning !!! Ok but for real…goodnight.


 BSLillibridge Brent Lillibridge >#sharkweek no great whites inSeattle.


 MarlinsBrewer Blake Brewer > Watching shark week wit my boi @Marquisecooper


 mrLeCure Sam LeCure >#5things -seeing my buds inHouston -being supportED, supportIVE -shark week of course -Sublime -knowing it’s hot enough that I COULD tan


 michael_schlact Michael Schlact

> Amen. RT @JustMeGee: SHARK WEEK….or as I like to call it “NEVER GOING INTO THE OCEAN AGAIN” @michael_schlact @ericstangel

> #Fact While attempting to snorkel on my honeymoon w/ @jillian_schlact, it took me 1 hour to get off the boat and in to the water. #SharkWeek

> “Humans are NOT natural prey for sharks.” Except for the times we paddle around in the ocean looking like tasty porpoises.


 dannyvalencia19 Danny Valencia

#idig RT @BlondeTFan@dannyvalencia19 Stay out of the surf…It’s Shark week!! #yadig

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