In the Rockpile: (Don’t) Occupy Coors Field

Will crowds dwindle at Coors Field with 2012 price hikes? (RJ Sangosti/ The Denver Post)

The Denver Post has reported that Rockies ownership is going to raise ticket prices for the 2012 season.

After posting a 77-89 record, of course the Monforts feel entitled to raise prices. I mean, why not?

Around 35,000 showed up on average to watch Colorado’s version of losing baseball. The only problem is that attendance won’t change despite this increase.

Granted, it only affects every section, except four outfield sections. The sad part is the crowd will still show up because the majority do not follow the game enough to know that the prices even changed, let alone know what they may have paid for a seat this season.

The fans are more than happy to part with their money, so long as they get to see Troy Tulowitzki turn double plays on a Wednesday afternoon or catch whoever happens to be playing third base that day.

I wish I could count on an “Occupy Coors Field” movement, but the casual nature of Denverites won’t allow for any resistance to this attack on fans’ wallets.

I can’t blame the players, they haven’t done enough in recent memory to make me want to go. Hell, I feel sorry for them. It is the ownership that is taking advantage of the fans.

The Monforts are the selfish, controlling, stuck-up boyfriend who walks all over the naive, clueless girlfriend who won’t leave. I just feel bad for all those who are going to be benevolent to this abusive relationship.

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