In the Rockpile: Giambino’s final days?

Giambi's final days in Colorado could be coming to an end.

Five days left for the Rockies to shed salary and start looking towards the 2012 season … with two months still left in the 2011 season.

How quickly the Rockies flew out the gate, only to hit a brick wall and fall flat.

Fox Sports Ken Rosnethal tweeted Monday that the Philadelphia Phillies and possibly the Pittsburgh Pirates could be interested in Jason Giambi. I’ve said before that he would be best suited going to an AL team to serve as an everyday DH, but he is still very useful as a bench player in a pinch hitting role as well.

I would hate to see Giambi go, but it would be very understandable if the front office let him go — and if Giambi himself wanted to, as well.

He could easily grab the next train headed towards the playoffs like he did in 2009 when he came to Colorado.

Unfortunately, the Rockies are headed in the opposite direction towards winter ball and off-season reevaluation.

The Ubaldo Jimenez trade talk continues with many interested but the Rockies saying he isn’t going anywhere. I still maintain that letting Ubaldo go can only be for the right price, which I still think no club could match and the Monforts would be incredibly stupid to let him go for anything less than a blockbuster trade.

The NFL lockout has been lifted and the Rockies are on notice that their time is up in Denver. Talk about Troy Tulowitzki and the Rockies  is all ready being replaced by the Tim Tebow/Kyle Orton quarterback controversy. The sun is setting on the Rocky Mountains as well as the Rockies of Blake Street.

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