In the Rockpile: Jamie Moyer shuns retirement, signs with Rockies

Jamie Moyer and his 49-year-old surgically repaired arm is giving it one more shot with the Colorado Rockies. (Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

I know the Rockies have said repeatedly they want to add more starting pitchers. That’s well and good, but I am suspect about exactly how committed they are to doing so when they talk about wanting Hiroki Kuroda and then trade proven-outfielder Seth Smith to Oakland for two pitchers that are developmental players.

Then the Rockies announce their next “big” move, signing 49-year-old Jamie Moyer to a minor-league contract.

On what planet is signing a pitcher who has a 4.24 career ERA in 24 seasons, just had Tommy John surgery a year ago, and is the only player left over from the 1980s, an “upgrade?”

Don’t get me wrong, Moyer isn’t a bad pitcher … in 2003, when he was 40. In the world of sports, he is ancient. Hell, in the real world he is damn near ancient. He is going to be AARP eligible during the season!

Sure, you can still pitch after 40; there are Hall of Famers to prove it. Hockey legend Gordie Howe strapped on skates again at almost 50 to skate with his sons for the Hartford Whalers. However, Moyer shouldn’t be brought in as to possibly “shore up” the back end of the rotation. He can’t even consistently throw a fastball over the mid 80s, which isn’t acceptable as a starting pitcher.

Granted, it is a minor-league deal for veteran pay, but why bother?

“He can be a mentor to the young pitchers.”

Then let him be an assistant coach. Don’t let Jamie “I still have Moyer in the tank” – embracing my inner Chris Berman — take the mound at Coors Field and throw his embarrassing fastball. Sure, he has had a good change-up, but who wants to see it at this point?

Any Kevin Costner baseball player character thinks he should hang it up.

Maybe there is still something left in the tank for ol’ Jamie Moyer. At this rate, he may still be pitching when Tulo retires.

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