In the Rockpile: Jim Tracy “extension” but no bobbleheads?

Jim Tracy has a handshake agreement to be manager of the Colorado Rockies "indefinitely" ... maybe. (Bill Greenblatt/UPI)

The Rockies made two announcements this week: Jim Tracy will be the “indefinite” manager in Colorado … and there will be no bobblehead promotions at Coors Field.

The Jim Tracy “extension” is a handshake agreement between him and GM Dan O’Dowd. Last time a professional sports team head coach was given “indefinite” status in Denver was Broncos Head Coach Mike Shanahan. He was fired in 2008, no longer the “coach for life” as previously proclaimed by owner Pat Bowlen.

The handshake will obviously be followed up by a contract extension on paper, but in the mean time, it is supposed to alleviate any discourse in the clubhouse … like if the Rockies get off to a bad start in April. Personally, I have liked Tracy. He is a hands-off kind of manager, which fits a clubhouse that is stocked with veterans. I also personally subscribe to that type of managerial style as opposed to micro-managing or browbeating a team after every loss.

One of the few things I dislike about the manager is that he changes the lineup too frequently to the extent that it barely has a chance to gel, and he doesn’t always utilize the bullpen well. I asked myself too many times last season why Felipe Paulino was going to the mound (before he was shipped out) or why Matt Lindstrom wasn’t.

The indefinite portion, though, is unbelievable, and according to Troy Renck of the Denver Post, the players are scratching their heads over that bit, as well. Indefinite is a bit too much of a commitment, even more so on a handshake. The manager isn’t always the problem with a 79-83 team, but he is one of the first people that fingers get pointed at, albeit not always correctly, when things go wrong.

The Rockies posted their promotional calendar to announce which games will feature which promos. Problem is there are no bobblehead promos! Bobbleheads and baseball were made for each other. They are a cool collectible, or a way to make money on those who didn’t go to the game.

They couldn’t commission a ripped, graying Jason Giambi? Couldn’t make Jamie Moyer the oldest active player to ever have one in his likeness? Have we had too many Troy Tulowitzki or Todd Helton days, or was Juan Nicasio too inappropriate of a subject for one of his own?

The 9News sports anchor — and bobblehead enthusiast — Drew Soicher told me via Twitter that “no team has ever won pennant without a bobblehead night.”

So much for 2012.

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