In the Rockpile: Moyer beats age and odds; I don’t buy it

Jamie Moyer has defied all odds and earned the number-two spot in the Colorado Rockies starting rotation. (Andrew B. Fielding/US Presswire)

I’ve had more than enough time now to ignore and overlook the Jamie Moyer story, but it was made official yesterday that the number-two pitcher in the starting rotation is a man who will be 50 shortly after the end of the playoffs and could be the oldest pitcher in MLB history to notch a win.

Sure, it isn’t the “sideshow” act that Tim Tebow was for the Broncos, but the outset of this storyline has “sideshow” written on it. “What can the Brett Favre of pitchers do in 2012?” Now that the four-decade veteran has earned a spot in the rotation, it is time to acknowledge the realities of this situation.

First of all, he doesn’t have much power. His fastball is known for not being so fast but his go-to pitch is his change-up. I don’t know who is expecting him to: A) Last the whole season, B) Be able to fool enough batters with a slow fastball and a naturally slow change-up, or C) All of the above.

Second, I understand the reason behind sticking him at number two is so Juan Nicasio can be the clean-up guy the next day if Moyer has a bad day, but Moyer really should be number five.

I’m not trying to knock on Moyer as much as I am knocking on the Rockies for picking him up and putting him second. Sure, Jorge De La Rosa won’t be returning until June and Drew Pomeranz will not be joining the four-man rotation (Jeremy Guthrie, Moyer, Nicasio and Jhoulys Chacin) until April 17, against Arizona … but I really have to question relying on an almost 50-year-old pitcher as the second pitcher in your rotation.

They say it’s a good story. Yeah, so was Brett Favre … how did that turn out? They could say that Moyer isn’t Favre. The only thing separating the two is that Favre is retired (finally) and Moyer isn’t going to be the most frequently discussed topic on ESPN during the summer.

I hate to be the Debbie downer here, but a 50-year-old pitcher coming off surgery is not going to get this team to a division title or even the playoffs. His 2-0 in spring training record and 2.77 ERA look nice, but this is still just spring training.

Bullpen almost finalized

Making the bullpen for opening day: Rafael Betancourt, Matt Belisle, Rex Brothers and Josh Outman. On the bubble: Josh Roenicke (he’ll make it), Edgmer Escalona (solid chance), Esmil Rogers (longshot), Tyler Chatwood (longshot) and Matt Reynolds. Reynolds though may suffer because the bullpen is all ready carrying two lefties –Brothers and Outman- but there could always be room for one more.

I am worried this bullpen will be victimized by bad outings from Betancourt and Outman. Belisle is a solid pitcher out of the pen and Brothers has been very cool on the mound, but Betancourt is going to have some bad ninth innings. Rafael throws a hard ball, he puts up Ks, but he takes forever to throw a pitch and it is obvious when he has become rattled on the mound. If he can stay clean more often than not this season, the Rockies will have a better shot in the ninth inning.

Cuddyer okay after hit by Darvish pitch

The Rockies had a collective gasp yesterday when Texas Ranger Yu Darvish drilled Michael Cuddyer on the hand with a two-seam fastball. Luckily it seems to be only bruised and medical tests came back negative. He is slated to be back in the lineup tomorrow.

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