In the Rockpile: Not so fast … Mortensen sent to Boston for Scutaro

Colorado's persistence finally landed Marco Scutaro. (Charles Krupa/AP)

The Rockies front office came through big today by reviving the Marco Scutaro deal, and they got it done!

The Boston Red Sox will receive pitcher Clayton Mortensen in return for the 36-year-old former shortstop.

Mortensen had a 3.86 ERA going 2-4 for the Rockies last season.

Personally, I liked the lanky right-hander last season during his appearances; he has a good sinker and would do well striking out batters.

The Rockies players are excited about the trade, according to the Denver Post’s Troy Renck. Hell, the city should be excited. I know I am after being disappointed as the deal failed yesterday evening. The deal was revived as the Red Sox needed to offload payroll to possibly make bigger acquisitions, such as signing Roy Oswalt, who pitched for the Phillies last year.

In Scutaro — who will be starting at second base — the Rox receive a .270 career hitter who has a bat and uses it to get on base. This move makes the lineup very interesting as I anticipate the top of the lineup will look like this: Dexter Fowler, Scutaro, Carlos Gonzalez, Troy Tulowitzki, and Michael Cuddyer/ Todd Helton (interchangeable as far as I am concerned).

I have panned most of GM Dan O’Dowd’s moves this offseason, mostly because Cuddyer and Casey Blake were the only big ones. But with the Scutaro trade, the front office can give itself a pat on the back for making this offseason one of the best thus far.

On paper, this lineup should be one to watch, and for pitchers and managers, one to fear.

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