Jair Jurrjens to Royals? Prado still a possibility

Martin Prado might be following Alex Gonzalez out the door. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)


I know, that was my first reaction, too. I was surprised to see Martin Prado‘s name this early, but I think we all kinda expected to see Jair Jurrjen’s name. It’s a little shocking to see Jurrjen’s name given that the Atlanta Braves just traded Derek Lowe, the Braves last three year’s opening day starter. No doubt Jurrjen’s had a rough second half, but didn’t he have one hell of a first half?

He was a clear favorite for Cy Young. … What happened? To be honest, I think the Braves were also shopping Jair as insurance in case a team didn’t take Lowe. They had to clear at least one spot in the rotation and it just so happened that Cleveland took the bait (hell, we even got a prospect!). Last year, that didn’t happen, and the Yankees took Javier Vazquez as the Braves’ plan B. This year, it worked out the way the Braves wanted. It just so happened that the rumor of Jurrjens came out after the Braves traded Lowe.

But, who’s to say they will stop now? They have top prospects waiting in the wings, most notably Randall Delgado and Julio Teheran. Both showed they are ready to go. The triple-A rotation was better than most major-league rotations. Only one thing stands in their way: Experience. They lack it, but they have shown tons of poise while up in the majors. Jurrjens was once a rookie who the Braves thrusted into the rotation in 2008, and he did alright: 13-10 with a 3.68 ERA.

Let’s recap the good for Jurrjens in 2011: 13 wins, 2.96 ERA, first career shutout, led NL with wins and ERA at the All-Star break, and earned his first All-Star selection.

The bad: Started second half with 0-1 with a 6.26 ERA in four starts before hitting the DL with his second stint. He gave up an incredible amount of fly balls and line drives that had skeptics saying his stats would never hold, and boy were they right. Seems when he’s pitching bad, he all of a sudden gets hurt.

Injuries will probably put a dagger in trade talks, most certainly lower the return value for the Braves, who were seeking Lorenzo Cain and/or Wil Myers from the Royals. Doubtful they will get both now or any of the two.

Mark Bowman’s report also states Martin Prado as a trade candidate. 

Listen folks, calm down. Reading the comments and reviews on Prado, everyone is flipping out as if he’s our biggest star. Yes, he had a great year last year. I believe Jeff Francouer had a great year once, as well. Omar Infante had a great year for us, too, and he didn’t pan out well for the Marlins this year either. Both Prado and Infante played below their 2010 seasons with big drop offs.

Yes, Prado was adjusting to a new position, but did you ever think we would be saying his greatest aspect of 2011 was his defense? I sure didn’t. I like Prado, like him a lot as a person, but he’s not and should not be our future third baseman. He doesn’t hit like a corner infielder hits. He’s a super utility player, that’s about it guys. Every now and then, super utility players have great years. Most often than not, they are subpar.

If the Braves can trade him for a power hitting left fielder (possibly with Jurrjens?) then we would all calm down and applaud Frank Wren. It was the same with Infante. But doing so, would severely deplete our bench and would more than likely push Brooks Conrad into a larger role, given that he’s brought back.

What’s your prediction, who would the Braves bring in?



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  1. Jurrjens + Prado for Myers + Cain is hardly a fair exchange. Unless KC throws in Francoeur too. He had a much better year than Heyward, has a much better attitude, and brings the righthanded power the team lacked except when Uggla had a hot second half.

  2. Blake Tekotte could fit the bill. Some view him as a fourth outfield, but he’s excelled on every level. Very solid defense, speed and some pop in his bat. Think Steve Finley with less power or upside. I could see the Padres trying him in RF because of Petco spacious park (and they way it plays) you essentially need two CF. However, being left handed could fair against him because of Petco park. Such a poke to RF and RCF. So, its possible he could be moved for a player who could profile more favorably in Petco Park.

  3. He would fit well there. He’s got a great attitude, plays hard.

    Do you have a talented CF in the minors? 

  4. Absolutely. However, given the Padres internal options, I do not see them being a player. The Padres also could use upgrades in the corner outfield, along with up the middle. It’s too bad because I think he would fit very well in SD. 

  5. I’m not against him. Not at all. I love Prado, but I’m speaking from what the Braves are thinking. “Liking” a person can only go so far. If the Braves would have made the postseason and the collapse didn’t happen, I would say Prado would be 100% safe. That’s not the case though … and Wren feels the need to do a major upgrade … and that’s our position we need. 

    Prado will only go to the Royals because Moore loves him. He would overpay for him.

  6. The Braves would move him for the same reason they moved Infante. Upgrade at the position and sell high on a player. Prado isn’t really at his high peak, but if they can upgrade to a power bat in Left, he’s expendable. 

  7. I also do not understand why the Braves would move Prado. So versatile. I could see him being a good fit for the Padres needs. However, I am not sure they would match up well. 

  8. I can understand Jurrjens being moved, but the whole Prado thing really confuses me. Prado is a character guy. I’ve read several times that he’s the last person to leave the stadium every day from putting in extra work. He’s just a ballplayer. 

    Even if you were against him being a starting LF or 3B, I’d say still keep him as a utility player and let him get a ton of at bats. Look at the career Mark DeRosa had. And if you trade him, that leaves you with the Diory Hernandez and Brooks Conrads of the world, and they are not as talented as Prado. Could you imagine Brooks Conrad getting 200 ABs if Chipper went down? Gulp.

  9. I say hold on to Gonzalez and bring Pastornicky up and use him to spell Gonzalez. He can get experience and not forced into the lineup with high expectations. Glaus is re-signed so he can backup Chipper or Freeman. The best move is definitely landing a legit LF with pop. I don’t know who they could trade for, but I just want an everyday reliable OF. I’m sick of the revolving door outfield. Hopefully Bourne gets a new deal and Heyward figures out where his stroke went. Jason Kubel is a type B FA that I think is worth a serious look. The only downside is he bats lefty, but if the rumors are true about possibly looking to move Heyward if he can’t right the ship….it would be nice to have Kubel around. He made $5M last year so I expect something like $6-7M should be enough to get him. And Prado made just over $3M last year so it’s not going to be a huge difference in salary.

  10. I hope the Braves KEEP Gonzo. His defense makes up for the lack of offensive production.

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