Jimmy Buffett visits Dodgers-Angels series

After helping free Sean Payton, Jimmy Buffett needs to help free the Dodgers from the Angels. (Buffettnews.com)

Jimmy Buffett was in the news recently when he was seen wearing a “Free Sean Payton” shirt at a benefit concert. Buffett is fast friends with Payton, so he was publicly voicing his displeasure with the NFL’s suspension of the New Orleans Saints’ coach.

How does this translate to Through The Fence Baseball? Buffett’s most famous song goes, “Wasted away again in Margaritaville …” Since Buffett was in the news yesterday, his song popped into my head while I was watching my Los Angeles Dodgers play the (Anaheim) Angels on MLB Network last night.

Here is my Buffett tribute to summarize the 12-3 beating the Angels put on the Dodgers (sung to the tune of “Margaritaville”):

Beat down away again in Orange County
Hopin’ for the bad streak to halt
Some people claim that it’s the Angels to blame
But I know, it’s the Dodgers’ damn fault!

This annual exhibition tilt between the Dodgers and Angels is called the “Freeway Series” because it pits two teams that are just down the road from each other. If this trend continues with the Angels punking the Dodgers, they’re going to have to rename it the “Highway Robbery Series!”

Deep down, I hoped the Dodgers would compete with the Angels. Though this game didn’t even start until after 10 p.m. my time, I decided to stay up and watch it. I just knew this series was going to be different from all the others where the Dodgers talk some big talk, but then don’t walk the big walk.

Today, I feel like Charlie Brown after Lucy has pulled the football out from under him for the umpteenth time!

Last night’s game was tolerable for two and a half innings. Jamey Wright looked great for the Dodgers, consistently hitting 93 mph on the radar gun and throwing curveballs that looked like they dropped off the edge of a table.

Then, the “Nightmare at Disneyland” began, and it wasn’t Freddy Kreuger doing the damage!

Why did the Dodgers get spanked by the Angels last night?

  • Because the relievers (except Josh Lindblom) couldn’t throw strikes.
  • Because the hitters wouldn’t stop swinging at everything that approached the plate.
  • Because Matt Kemp looked like he was swatting flies during his three strikeouts.
  • Because the Dodgers left nine runners on base.

The Dodgers had 11 hits against the Angels. That should be enough for a good team to produce sufficient scoring. The problem was the Dodgers didn’t get those hits when it mattered.

Todd Coffey then continued his horrid spring by allowing three runs and walking two batters in less than one inning. To make Coffey feel better, though, Kenley Jansen and Ronald Belisario pitched in and also looked pitiful on the mound last night.

All wasn’t lost for the Dodgers in the Freeway Series opener. In addition to Wright and Lindblom, Kemp made a sweet diving catch in left-center to keep the game scoreless in the second inning.

Another bright spot for the Dodgers was a black eye that they gave Angels’ catcher, Chris Ianetta. Ianetta has never been known for his defense, but last night he sunk to a new low – he allowed Juan Uribe to steal a base! Uribe to base stealing is akin to Lady Gaga and decorum.

Maybe Ianetta’s view from home plate was blocked by Uribe’s stomach? Maybe Ianetta was just so surprised that Uribe tried to steal that he was shell-shocked? The fleet-footed Uribe has stolen a whopping nine bases over the past six seasons.

Anyway, the Angels still own the Dodgers and they’ll probably win the second game of the Highway Robbery Series tonight. The Dodgers will find some way to implode. It’s inevitable, just like seeing Mickey Mouse at Disneyland.

However, tonight I won’t be suckered into thinking that the Dodgers have a chance.

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