Josh Hamilton on alcohol relapse: “I needed to be responsible”

Josh Hamilton is making headlines for the wrong reasons. (photo by Keith Allison)

There was very sad news reported out of Dallas yesterday. Reporter Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News reported that recovering addict/baseball star Josh Hamilton was spotted drinking in a Dallas-area bar on Monday. Hamilton’s story is well known at this point. He is a former number-one-overall draft pick by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays who could not handle the freedom of living alone after an injury and began a long chain of substance abuse.

Hamilton addressed the media this afternoon at Rangers Ballpark saying “it was just wrong” and “I needed to be responsible … I was not responsible” as well as apologizing to family, teammates, fans and people who look up to him and promises to get treatment at an alcohol rehab center in Kaysville.

According to reports, Hamilton was out on Monday evening and relapsed due to a personal issue he did not elaborate on. He contacted Ian Kinsler who joined Hamilton, although Hamilton never shared that he had been drinking. When Kinsler opted to leave, Hamilton said he was leaving, too, but instead, went back into the bar and continued to drink.

Hamilton’s faith and recovery has been well documented and it goes without question in saying that he will be criticized immensely over this, and who knows how this event will impact his contract negotiations with the Rangers. The demons that he is facing may be too much to overcome at this point. Hopefully he gets into Outpatient Addiction Support Services.

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