Last Braves postseason? 2013 vs Dodgers … and Braves fans remember

Braves Postseason Nightmare.

The last time the Atlanta Braves were in the postseason was in 2013, one I remember all too well. That stare from Craig Kimbrel into the camera lens, scarred Braves fans everywhere. David Carpenter gave up the two run homer, while the Braves had a one run lead in the bottom of the eighth, and Kimbrel was warmed and ready in the pen. Fredi Gonzalez was written off by many Braves fans, the last straw for many, known to poorly manage a bullpen.

Kimbrel starred, turned, and walked away. And Braves fans were crushed. He departed after the season in free agency.

In case you don’t remember … (WARNING BRAVES FANS: This is likely to induce nightmares and reoccurring dreams.)


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