Let’s enjoy the game like it used to be — say, 1968 baseball

Good Ol' Days Syndrome
Good ol’ days syndrome.

It’s amazing to think of all that the world didn’t have back in 1968.

The Internet is probably the biggest example I consider, but I know there are thousands more. It’s probably easier to think of differences from that time than it is to think about similarities.

Baseball in 1968 is the same way, really.

Thanks to 1968 baseball, MLB has the designated hitter along with new franchises in places such as San Diego, Denver, Phoenix and Toronto. And that’s just naming a few of them.

I was born in 1968, so I can’t speak to what life was like in that year and before it. However, I do know this: The team with the best record in the American League, on the final day of the regular season, played the team with the best record in the National League in the World Series. And that’s what we’re having this year, too. To me, it’s 1968 baseball all over again.

Many rounds of playoffs were needed to get to this point, but the end result is the same: The two best teams going at it to determine who’s the best one of all.

I’m saying Red Sox in seven, but I’m hoping for an entertaining series, either way.

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