Looking Back: Cedric Benson’s Baseball Career

Cedric Benson passed away late at night on August 17th and is forever remembered by a prolific career at University of Texas. Much can be said about his NFL career which started when he was drafted fourth overall in 2005 NFL Draft. But what about Cedric Benson playing baseball?

Benson had tremendous speed. He showcased it quiet regularly on the field at Lee High School in Midland Texas. The baseball field that is. He closed gaps in center field and turned singles into doubles, doubles into triples.

Scouts saw it too. He batted .361 with four home runs and 14 RBIs for a District 4-5A team his senior year which led him to getting drafted in the 12th round of the 2001 MLB Draft by the Dodgers.

In the gulf coast league, he batted .200/.412/.480 in 25 at bats with three doubles and two triples. He also had two stolen bases in that short sample. But, his love for football overcame and quit baseball to play for University of Texas football. Many wandered what could have been. The rest … is history.

Rest in peace Cedric.

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