Los Angeles Angels rough start feels all too familiar

Los Angeles Angels star Josh Hamilton sitting in the dugout.
The Los Angeles Angels need much better production out of Josh Hamilton to overcome their slow start.

With another year comes another horrid start for the Los Angeles Angels. After eight games, the Angels are 2-6, the worst record in the American League. Only the Miami Marlins have a worse record.

For all the changes the Los Angeles Angels implemented in the offseason, their 2013 iteration looks all too familiar. The bullpen is shaky. Their key offensive addition, Josh Hamilton, is incredibly disappointing. The lineup seems to go brain-dead once a baserunner reaches scoring position. The baserunners themselves are prone to awful decisions. And Mike Scioscia, for all of his past brilliance, looks clueless when it comes to actually managing a game. In addition, the Halos have to deal with the new nuisance of several key injuries.

If it were any other season, the Los Angeles Angels and their fans might rest easy. But considering last season’s slow start and subsequent disappointing finish, the Halos have plenty of reasons to worry.

Now, it’s still early, and the Halos may very well turn things around. Unfortunately, there is no Mike Trout waiting in the minors to swoop in and rescue the team this time. If the club is to succeed without the benefit of a superstar call-up, it’ll have to rely purely on its own talent and management.

After Wednesday’s blowout loss to the A’s, Scioscia reportedly called a team meeting. Scioscia held several such meetings last season with mixed results, so the news isn’t completely reassuring. In addition, the Angels are in severe need of a clubhouse leader like they used to have in Torii Hunter. With any luck, someone will step forward and lead the club in Hunter’s stead.

The Halos do have a few things working in their favor. Most of the flaws the Los Angeles Angels have appear to be mental, which is a matter of nerves. If the Angels settle down, odds are they’ll find themselves playing much better baseball. In addition, several players are finding their way on offense. Howie Kendrick has put on a clinic against the A’s, and Albert Pujols is off to a hot start, going 4-for-4 Wednesday night.

Most of all, though, the Los Angeles Angels have time on their side. Their situation at the moment is by no means good, but they’ll have plenty of opportunities to turn it around from here on in. Not to mention their remaining opponents won’t all be the Cincinnati Reds, Texas Rangers and Oakland Athletics.


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