Main lesson from Reds win over the Brewers: Don’t believe the hype!

Before the Milwaukee Brewers played the Cincinnati Reds yesterday, many believed the Brewers would not only win the NL Central with their off-season additions, but also defeat the defending NL Central champs on Opening Day.

But Catcher Ramon Hernandez vanquished those beliefs, rallying the Reds in the bottom of the ninth with a three-run homer for the win, reminding the baseball world to remember they’re still the NL Central champs until the end of the season.

So what are some lessons that we must remember as we look to upcoming series’? Consider the following:

  • The team with the beginning lead may not leave the ballpark with a win.
  • Unexpected comebacks come from players expecting unexpected outcomes.
  • Baseball outcomes are not defined by managerial tactics, but by the player’s response to such tactics through their performance.
  • Every team makes mistakes that will cost them one ball game, not all games.
  • The team that won the division last year will remain as the hunted until the end of the season.

But the most important lesson …

  • Don’t believe the hype because it is socially constructed, not constructed by the team or the team players.

What other lessons did you, the reader, derive from yesterday’s game?


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