Manny Machado: Yankees, Dodgers or Brewers?

Update: In addition to Passan saying the Dodgers are moving on (see below), Heyman is reporting that Zach Britton could be included in a package to the Yankees.

In case you didn’t know, perhaps living under a rock, you are following the Manny Machado sweepstakes. Basically, to catch you up, every team that figures to be in the playoff hunt is looking at Manny Machado. He’s back at shortstop and also has the gold glove 3rd basemen to boot.

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Yankees are now in on Manny Machado. That’s scary news for the American League, terrible news for a Orioles fan, and well … would make them a pitcher away from being the Golden State Warriors of Major League Baseball. The Yankees have the better farm system, a top five system, and unlike the Braves (who were rumored as well at one point), they are known for the “win now” mindset. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, right?

Who will get Machado?

According to Passan, Dodgers are moving on.

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