New York Mets close to offering David Wright $100M deal

New York is working on a deal that would make
David Wright a Met for life. (

Sorry, Phillies fans! It looks as if all the hope Philadelphia would somehow make a deal to get third baseman David Wright was false speculation. Word is New York is likely to offer Wright a contract worth more than $100 million and would make him a Met for life.

For the past two seasons, the Wright-to-Phillies rumor has not only been reported on multiple outlets, but also has taken on a life of its own. In fact, at a few points in that time it really did appear a deal was close to getting done. But it is likely the rumor itself was a product of social media taking someone’s opinion and running with it.  I mean, honestly, it would not even be right to see Wright in a Phillies jersey playing the hot corner at Citizens Bank Park. Somethings are meant to be left unchanged.

Wright, who is only 29, has a team option for 2013 that will pay him $16 million, which the Mets will — without a doubt — pick up.  He has not only been the face of the franchise but he also is the one big draw the Mets have anymore. Losing him could push the franchise back at least a decade, so it is not a surprise they see the importance of keeping him. Making him a Met for life is a huge win for the franchise since the combination of financial difficulty and poor play in recent years has caused the team to take a few steps back in the National League East, while others, such as the Washington Nationals and the Atlanta Braves, have gotten younger and better.

Of course, the Wright deal is not finalized. In fact, it is in the beginning stages. A deal likely would not be finalized until the winter meetings in December. Early speculation has Wright being offered a deal similar to that of Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, who signed for six-year, $100 million deal this season. But Wright may be looking for a contract more comparable to Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki’s 10-year, $157 million deal. It is unclear if the Mets would be willing to sign Wright for such a long term or if they could financially swing such a high amount. If Wright is seeking that amount, the Mets’ loyalty to Wright may end up hurting them in the long run.

It’s clear there’s a lot of work left to get this done, but all signs point toward it happening. With Wright coming off a season with 21 home runs, 93 RBIs and a .306 batting average, he helped make the Mets’ decision for them. The franchise cannot afford to lose its golden boy, even if it cost them more than they’d like to pay.

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