MLB Free Agents Contest! Can you guess the destination?

money-baseballWelcome to the first MLB Free Agents Contest! Outsmart the TTFB staff and predict the destination for these 20 players!

How To Play

  • Complete step one and two below. For each player, you can choose any of the 30 teams, as well as Retirement or Japan.
  • A Facebook account is required to participate in this contest. You can log in with the button up top.
  • The contest is open now and runs until 12:00am Eastern Time on Sunday, November 10.
  • If you sign before the contest locks, you’ll get that one for free!
  • Once the contest locks, come back to this page and the results will be posted so you can follow along with our leader board.


  • One entry per person, please.
  • With regard to prizes, ties go to the oddball winner first. After that, they are randomly selected using
  • Prize winners must respond to an email message within 48 hours.


1. $60
2. $25
3. $15

Step 1:

Login to our App:


Step 2:

Vote below. Be sure to click submit.

Thanks for playing! Be sure to come back to see where you rank.

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