Monday’s fair balls: Links across baseball universe

Through The Fence Baseball has a new feature. Every Monday, you will see “Monday’s Fair Balls”, as we will cover the baseball universe on the web.  All the best links of the weekend (in case you were too lazy to read the headlines online) and what we covered throughout the week.  Enough of the introduction, let’s jump right into this. You can always check out our older Monday’s Fair Balls!

This week, we covered:

  • We covered Duke Snider’s legacy here and here!
  • We started a new feature called, The Daily Single where we show a funny baseball picture every day at 8:00 AM.
  • Kevin Maguire takes a look at the All-Five Tool Team. What do you think?
  • I did a couple interviews with other baseball websites here.
  • Kevin also took a look at 2011 Comeback Kids.
  • Marcas Grant took a shot at focusing on the Padres Pinpoint Pitching Potential!
  • David broke down the true meaning of Spring Training.
  • Davd continued his History lessons, this week focusing on Cuban Baseball.
  • What can Brown do for you? It was everything when Stacy wrote the article, now it’s warming the pine.
  • Alex established a new weekly column on the Houston Astros, starting with spring training!


Let’s examine the top posts that happened over the weekend, from around the web!

  • Over at Toronto Update, they examine whether Lyle Overbay is a steal for the Pirates.
  • Sox1Fan checks out Jon Lester here.
  • Baseball Past and Present takes a look at whether is better to develop or buy players.


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