The numbers behind the negative baseball ratings

Is there a spike in baseball ratings coming?

As is the status quo every year when the Fall Classic graces us all with its presence, and 2013 was no exception. However, have we seen the numbers behind the negativity behind the baseball ratings?

Yes. And, let’s tap the brakes on baseball’s obituary, okay?

It’s true that national viewing of the World Series has slipped gradually and perpetually since 1968. It’s also true why this has happened, thanks largely to Keith Olbermann (as we shared last week on TTFB.)

We don’t have many “national” teams in baseball, save the Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers. MLB doesn’t really beef up the advertising world during the World Series, like another “big game” out there. And let’s face it, the ramp-up for the World Series can suck if you don’t have a dog in that fight.

So, how’d we do? [cue the drum roll] Baseball ratings were up 17 percent from last year, according to Nielsen’s live-plus-same-day data. WOOHOO! Just like the Jeffersons, MLB is movin’ on up, peeps.

This is very good news for the guys at FOX, fans everywhere (and yours truly here at TTFB). DYK: Going back to 2005, every year ratings took a tumble, baseball ratings bounced right back the very next year. The sequential differentials are as follows:

  • 2006: +8 percent (St. Louis Cardinals V. Detroit Tigers)
  • 2007: -21 percent (Boston Red Sox V. Colorado Rockies)
  • 2008: +43 percent (Philadelphia Phillies V. Tampa Bay Rays)
  • 2009: -26 percent (New York Yankees V. Philadelphia Phillies)
  • 2010: +16 percent (San Francisco Giants V. Texas Rangers)
  • 2011: -24 percent (St. Louis Cardinals V. Texas Rangers)
  • 2012: +18 percent (San Francisco Giants V. Detroit Tigers)

Remembered I mentioned how happy the boys at FOX were. There’s this:

“This baseball season has been a tremendous success across the board for FOX Sports, and 2014 can’t get here soon enough,” said FOX Sports President and COO Eric Shanks. “Our postseason coverage saw a 26% jump year-to-year, while ratings for the All-Star Game grew, we posted solid numbers at FOX Deportes and several of our regional sports networks had record-setting seasons and dominated prime time from April through September. Next season will bring MLB to FOX Sports 1 and with it hours of studio coverage and original programs.”

So, what gives? Why the crazy fluctuation in ratings? Some people say teams. Others say announcers. And then, there are people who scream “storylines,” like 2008 with the “Who” Tampa Bay Rays. Look at this riveting PDF for more insight about baseball ratings during the World Series.

Look at the Top 10 World Series Games Ever. There were some meh teams, such as the Brewers, Orioles and Royals, so that’s not it. Definitely some storylines, such as the Miracle Mets in 1986 and one of the greatest series of all times in 1975 with the Reds and Red Sox. Hmmm…there has to be something. I got it!

Not one game with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Maybe next year really will change things? Can’t wait.

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