Phillies bring former manager Charlie Manuel back

Charlie Manuel
Hey, look who’s back! (Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Former Phillies manager Charlie Manuel could not stay away from baseball for long. Manuel has rejoined the Phillies as a senior advisor to General Manager Ruben Amaro. What he actually will be advising on is not yet known, but it seems like the position was made to keep a man in the organization who gave so much to it over the last decade.

Many people around the Phillies believe Manuel would like to contribute by assisting younger players with hitting fundamentals. After all, he was a “hitting guru” for many years before becoming the Phillies manager.  There are also thoughts that Charlie may want to get involved in scouting to see if he can help rebuild the Phillies depleted farm system. Either way, it won’t hurt to have him around.

Charlie Manuel has a love for the game you don’t often see in the sport anymore. He brings a sense of old-time baseball that makes those around him appreciate they are playing a kid’s game and receiving a man’s salary in return.

The Phillies are putting the pieces in place to get their franchise back to where it was five years ago. This move may not seem like much, but it’s the little moves like this that make teams successful. If anything, it may bring an aura of the past around the current team, which can’t hurt too much. Welcome back Charlie!

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