Phillies Offer Harper $270-$300: Harper Says “Get The Fuck Outta Here With That … “

Ok, so maybe Harper didn’t use that direct language, but he is basically saying that to the Phillies.

According to @Jim_Duquette, the Phillies have offered long-sought after free agent Bryce Harper between $270-$300 million dollars.

Simply put: that is not enough to get Harper to sign.

This whole situation is quite similar to the Ryan Howard contract situation the Phillies faced.

Basically, they are looking at an absolute stud of a player in Harper who will help them win a championship.

However, Harper will be GROSSLY overpaid in the last few years of his contract that the Phillies will not be able to get rid of.

Is it worth taking on the bad years of a contract like that in order to win a title on the front end?

If you are a Phillies fans, can you honestly say you are disappointed with what you got out of Howard in both the early and late years?

I believe – with the Harper negotiations – that it is LESS about the money, and more the years that most teams are wary of.

A ten-year contract is very hard to live up to, so they have to accept the fact that they will be overpaying him at some in.

Can the Phillies accept that, or do they walk away and try to spend money elsewhere to avoid the possibly of wasted years despite the promise of very good ones in front years of the contract?

Harper is free to sign any freaking day now to let us know.

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