Second Faceman: Yahoo! headshots return

A month or so into every season, Yahoo! manages to upload new passport-style headshots to player profiles. During April, about half the players in MLB are pictured wearing the hats of their former teams. Others, due to limited time in the big leagues, are facially identified only by their club logo. Well, the new photos are up for 2011 and, as usual, there are a few gems. Like some others deprived of 9-to-5 access to televised baseball, I tend to rely on auto-updating Yahoo! box scores. I was following today’s Astros-Reds matchup (it turns out Aneury Rodriguez does have a face) and was momentarily confused when this countenance popped up to represent a notoriously venison-loving middle infielder:

I doubt the Astros would complain.


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