The 2021 Yankees Roller Coaster Season Continues

The Yankees find themselves in, yet again, another panic situation. Almost two weeks ago, the Yankees 13 game win streak was snapped by the Oakland A’s. Since then, the Yankees have collapsed. Losing 8 of their last 10 games following their loss tonight (September 7th) against the Toronto Blue Jays. The Yanks now only find themselves a half a game ahead of Boston in the AL wildcard race.

The AL East

There is no need for the Yankees to be going after the division any longer. The Tampa Bay Rays have been playing great baseball all season long. With the roller coaster of a season the Yankees have had, their focus should be on the wildcard. However, the Yankees are only a half a game ahead. Following them are the Red Sox and the Blue Jays, division rivals. When you take a look at the numbers of how the Yankees play against said rivals, they are not good. The Yankees are 28-34 vs the AL East and 50-26 vs all other clubs. With only a few weeks left in the season, the Yankees play 14 out of 24 games against the AL East.

Struggling Sluggers

Joey Gallo, Gio Urshela, and Gleyber Torres are going to have to step it up. Gallo since joining the Yankees has a .130 BA with 61 SO. His strikeouts also leads the majors. Aaron Boone benched Gallo today in hopes he can start finding his rhythm back at the plate. Gallo has improved the Yankees defense but hasn’t done much at the plate.

Since returning from the IL, Gio Urshela has not played well. He’s batting a .107 average going 3 for 28. Urshela has not been known for his batting as much as his defense. However, he’s committed multiple errors and hasn’t had near the defense success as we know he can reach.

As for Gleyber Torres, he hasn’t been great the last two years. Ever since the Yankees let Didi Gregorius walk and gave the shortstop job to Gleyber Torres, it has not worked out. Gleyber is a second baseman by trade and obviously has not been comfortable playing shortstop. He has made more than enough errors, multiple stints to the IL, and hasn’t done much with the bat. Gleyber’s future could be at risk as a Yankee this upcoming offseason. The free agent market will be loaded with quality shortstops. Not to mention the Yankees number one prospect, Anthony Volpe, shortstop, is making quite the name for himself.

These guys need to step it up quick for the sake of the Yankees postseason chances.

Turn Around

With a few weeks left, the Yankees will make or break real soon. They have proven that they are a wrecking ball when they get hot. The problem is, they are a laughing stock when cold. This team has to turn it around soon to have a chance at the postseason. With ace, Gerrit Cole, having tightness in his left hamstring, the Yankees need to get back in gear and it has to be quick.

It will be a huge load on the offense to step it up, especially if Gerrit Cole finds himself missing time. The Yankees have more than enough talent to make it to the postseason as well as a push. This season has proven one thing for sure, when the 2021 Yankees get hot, they are no joke. If they get hot again and take it into the postseason, they could bring number 28 back to the Bronx. Question is, will they?

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