The Hot Corner: Ichiro Suzuki, Chad Ochocinco, Carly Rae Jepsen


The hottest topics for the week of July 22, 2012 …

Ichiro acknowledging Mariners fans during his first at-bat or showing Yankees fans how grey his hair is? (Robert Sorbo/Reuters)

Blockbuster trade: New York made a surprise trade with Seattle – acquiring the Mariners’ 10-time All-Star outfielder Ichiro Suzuki. This is a huge move for the 2007 Yankees.

A body at rest: Red Sox slugger and jovial big guy David Ortiz was put on the disabled list with a strained Achilles tendon – which is odd, because that would imply he actually moved his body.

Milestone: The Tigers’ heavyset Miguel Cabrera just recently hit the 300th home run of his career. He says his favorite part of hitting a home run is coming across home plate – or any plate for that matter.

End of days: Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasberg is approaching his 160-inning limit for the year, which means his season will end in September – just like the Mayans predicted.

Guess who: Roberto Hernandez, who used the false name Fausto Carmona, has finally gotten all of his legal affairs in order and received a visa to return to the United States – under the name Napoleon Dynamite.

Hitting the town: The Yankees’ Robinson Cano had a 23-game hitting streak recently come to an end. There was talk he might threaten Joe DiMaggio’s legendary 56-game streak by some people – who are very bad at math.

Going postal: Cleveland Indians Hall of Famer Larry Doby got a U.S. stamp in his honor. I don’t think it’s going to do that well – mainly because no one really knows who he is and when you lick the stamp, it tastes like Cleveland.

Extra Innings

Over the top: The NCAA inflicted heavy sanctions against Penn State University, but they said they would not give the football program the “death penalty.” … However, Joe Paterno wasn’t so lucky.

What’s in a name? Dolphins wide receiver Chad Ochocinco legally changed his name back to the original: Chad Johnson – probably in preparation for his new career in adult films.

Sensitive male: New York Knicks owner James Dolan said they didn’t re-sign Jeremy Lin because he felt “deceived and betrayed.” Well, now he knows how the fans feel.

In theaters now: If I could sum up The Dark Knight Rises in one word, it would be “movie.”

Idle chat: Mariah Carey is joining the judging panel for “American Idol.” It’s a good thing there are two seats available.

Maybe not: At the Teen Choice Awards, Carly Rae Jepsen won Choice Summer Song for her smash hit “Call Me Maybe” – narrowly beating out “The Blood of Power” by the band Dying Fetus.

Contributors: Eliza Bayne, Zach Pennington, Stephen Arenholtz, Glen Hentz

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