Top 13 Baseball Cards: Is Billy Ripken most funny?

Update: This post is still great. UPDATE 2: THIS POST IS STILL GREAT!

What baseball fan didn’t grow up with a baseball card collection? Praying that the best card that your father has is handed down to you, for some, more meaningful than a car. And who hasn’t sold that collection already? You probably saw the below cards, thought nothing of them, and discarded them as “common” cards. Here is the top 13 baseball cards collectors (and immature people) stash.

13. Dick Pole … Just laugh.

Dick Pole

12. Woody Held … could you imagine growing up with this name?

Woody Held

11. Craig Biggio … Watch that step!

Craig Biggio

10. Wade Boggs … Eat more chicken.

Wade Boggs

9. Mike Perez … What The … How Did He …

MiKe Perez

8. Puffing the Bong.

7. Billy Martin … Hey, watch that finger.

Billy Martin

6. Paul Walker … Famous Whiteout.

Paul Walker

5. Dave Parker … Why the Hammers?

Dave Parker

4. Keith Comstock … Three balls.

Keith Comstock

3. Herb Washington … He only had one job.

Herb Washington

2. Jim Nettles … Look at the knob.

Jim Nettles

1. Billy Ripken “Fuck Face” … Look at the knob.

Billy Ripken

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