Touring with Taylor: 2012 … what is to be?

Arizona Diamondbacks minor-leauge pitcher Dan Taylor.

Greetings from Scottsdale, Ariz.!

Day one of spring training 2012 for myself and the rest of the Arizona Diamondbacks minor-league pitchers and catchers is now in the books, and I’m looking forward toward to tomorrow and the prospect of a new season. The elation that fills players on day one is practically indescribable, and something that only passion, commitment, competitiveness and childhood dreams can create. Day one is typically a day for everyone to start settling in, while realizing the magnitude of the upcoming season. While I cannot speak for all organizations, today for us (Diamondback minor-leaguers) entailed some standard drill work, throwing off the mounds, conditioning and workouts to complete the day.

Albeit one day, it’s a day where the tone and tempo can be set for an entire camp. Our staff and management has logged many hours putting together our spring training program, and they make sure we know from the get-go what is expected of us, how we should go about our work and what our mission is going to be. Day one is always so fascinating to be a part of because you, the players, get to see what everybody’s offseason training programs has prepared them for. All of us understand that this is our job, this is what puts food on the tables for our families and this is what we are passionate about; nonetheless, everyone prepares differently, and it is amazing how it can all bring us to the same place.

I sit here and write this entry, from a nice hotel room that overlooks the grounds of Talking Stick at Salt River Fields in Scottsdale, and I find myself elated for another opportunity to play baseball at least one more day. This is a game so many love, so many give everything for and so many would do anything for. Ultimately, though, it is a game — a game that can give us everything, and a game that can leave us wanting so much more. That is what we keep showing up for, and that’s what makes it so easy to dedicate ourselves day in and day out.

Play ball!

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