TTFB trade deadline 2011 recap — How did your team finish?

Welcome to Through The Fence Baseball’s trade deadline coverage. We’re hoping to clean things up for everyone a bit and centralize all transactions and rumors so that it’s easy to read. On top of our daily articles, we’re hoping this becomes a great feature for our readers during the next couple of days. If for some reason the spreadsheet doesn’t show up, just refresh your page. Here’s what your looking at:

At the bottom of the sheet is tabs, each tab is separated into divisions. The information on these players are pulled and gathered from sites like, twitter accounts (of established MLB Writers), agents, ESPN, MLB, etc. The probability is gathered from those sites. This will be a live updating spreadsheet. Refresh your page to see updates! When there is a change, it will be updated on the spreadsheet. You just keep coming to this page, and we’ll keep updating it. At the bottom is a feed of updates or interesting trade rumors percolating as the end of the trade deadline approaches. All players highlighted in yellow have been traded.


TRADE RUMORS NEWS FEED (Only updated with on the brink rumors. Spreadsheet updated constantly.)

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