Mike Trout and Bryce Harper: Phillies Saving Up To Sign Trout

Well, it seems that the rich may keep getting richer.

The Phillies have already spent over $400 million dollar in free agency this offseason, including this week’s mega-signing of Bryce Harper.

But, apparently, they are not done looking toward the future.

And Mike Trout has openly expressed his desire to be in the Philly area – he currently owns a home in a nearby town in New Jersey and regularly roots for the Eagles and 76ers.

So an contending Phillies team, with Bryce Harper serving as the long-term anchor, could be very enticing for Trout.

As for the cost: signing Trout in next year’s offseason will likely force the Phillies to spend upwards of $60 million per season between just Trout and Harper.

But, that seems reasonable given that both players are likely Hall of Fame contenders.

The landscape of baseball would also drastically change if Trout were to go to Philly.

Would Philly become the Golden State equivalent in MLB?

It may not be to the level, but it would certainly be a scary lineup.

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