TTFB staff selects Cy Young winners: David Price, R.A. Dickey

New York Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey could become the first knuckleballer to win a Cy Young Award.

The Cy Young races in both the NL and AL are up for grabs this year, with each of the final candidates worthy of consideration. The winners will be announced tonight at 6:00 EST during a live broadcast on MLB TV.

While most pundits believe both races to be a toss-up, the TTFB staff selected Tampa Bay’s David Price narrowly over Detroit’s Justin Verlander for the AL award, while New York’s R.A. Dickey ran away with the NL hardware.

Price garnered 13 votes from our staff, while last year’s AL Cy Young winner, Verlander, received nine. Jered Weaver, the other finalist in the AL, received no love from TTFB writers.

Dickey was the hands-down winner in the NL race, earning 16 out of 22 votes. Washington’s Gio Gonzalez and Los Angeles’ Clayton Kershaw, last year’s NL Cy Young winner, received two votes each. Two non-finalists, Atlanta’s Craig Kimbrel and Cincinnati’s Johnny Cueto each earned a single vote. If the Baseball Writers Association of America agrees with our selection of Dickey, he will become the first knuckleballer to win the award.


TTFB Writer AL Cy Young NL Cy Young
Jon Sumple Justin Verlander R.A. Dickey
Jamie Shoemaker David Price Craig Kimbrel
Jackie Micucci David Price R.A. Dickey
Michael Dault Justin Verlander R.A. Dickey
Wyatt Sinclair David Price Gio Gonzalez
Paul West David Price R.A.Dickey
Brad Congelio Justin Verlander R.A. Dickey
Jacob Karasik David Price R.A. Dickey
Mike Viso David Price Johnny Cueto
Kevin Lochner Justin Verlander Clayton Kershaw
Dustin Salyer Justin Verlander R.A. Dickey
Danny Zyskind David Price Clayton Kershaw
Travis Calvin David Price R.A. Dickey
John Thiede Justin Verlander R.A. Dickey
Kevin Coughlin David Price Gio Gonzalez
Jake Mastroianni David Price R.A. Dickey
Anthony Fusilli David Price R.A. Dickey
Jed Rigney Justin Verlander R.A. Dickey
Matthew Hamilton David Price R.A. Dickey
James Poellnitz David Price R.A. Dickey
Chol Sauders Justin Verlander R.A. Dickey
Eric Aron Justin Verlander R.A. Dickey




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