TTFB staff selects MVP winners: Miguel Cabrera, Buster Posey

Will 2012 Hank Aaron Award winners Miguel Cabrera and Buster Posey share the  spotlight again this evening?

In what has been touted as a too-close-to-call AL MVP race by baseball pundits the world over, the TTFB staff has spoken loudly in favor of Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera. This old school vs. new school debate is as divided as last week’s presidential election, yet Cabrera earned a landslide victory at TTFB by earning 18 votes to L.A. Angels’ Mike Trout’s four.

The NL MVP wasn’t close either. San Francisco’s Buster Posey came out on top with 13 votes, with Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun finishing second with five votes. Pittsburgh’s Andrew McCutchen and St. Louis’ Yadier Molina finished tied for third with two votes apiece.

The awards will be handed out live tonight at 6:00 EST on MLB TV.


Jon SumpleMiguel CabreraRyan Braun
Jamie ShoemakerMiguel CabreraRyan Braun
Jackie MicucciMiguel CabreraBuster Posey
Michael DaultMiguel CabreraBuster Posey
Wyatt SinclairMike TroutYadier Molina
Paul WestMike TroutBuster Posey
Brad CongelioMiguel CabreraAndrew McCutchen
Jacob KarasikMiguel CabreraBuster Posey
Mike VisoMiguel CabreraBuster Posey
Kevin LochnerMike TroutAndrew McCutchen
Dustin SalyerMiguel CabreraRyan Braun
Danny ZyskindMiguel CabreraBuster Posey
Travis CalvinMiguel CabreraBuster Posey
John ThiedeMiguel CabreraBuster Posey
Kevin CoughlinMiguel CabreraBuster Posey
Jake MastroianniMiguel CabreraBuster Posey
Anthony FusilliMiguel CabreraBuster Posey
Jed RigneyMike TroutBuster Posey
Matthew HamiltonMiguel CabreraYadier Molina
James PoellnitzMiguel CabreraRyan Braun
Chol SaudersMiguel CabreraRyan Braun
Eric AronMiguel CabreraBuster Posey





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