TTFB writer makes final 50 for MLB Fan Cave: #getmeinthecave

Dear TTFB Readers,

The morning of Feb. 6, I woke up to a voice mail from a New York City area code. The message was from Major League Baseball. Apparently, a two-minute, self-promoting video and a few essay responses I sent last December had propelled me into a special group: the 50 finalists for the MLB Fan Cave competition.

For those who don’t know me, I’ve been writing for Through the Fence Baseball sporadically throughout 2011 and 2012. I am an Angels fan, but a baseball fan first, and one who fully embraces the statistical intricacies as well as traditions of the game. When the opportunity for to apply for the MLB Fan Cave became public, I couldn’t turn it down.

The MLB Fan Cave is basically a tricked out apartment in Greenwich Village, NYC. The members (bats) of the cave are required to not only watch every 2012 MLB game on a huge wall of TVs, but also to act as the social media arm of Major League Baseball. There will be a full schedule of players/celebrities who are slated to visit the cave. The Fave Cave finalists will be competing “Survivor style” (from what I understand) in order to be the last cave man/woman standing and crowned the ultimate MLB Fan.

More than 22,000 rabid baseball fans from across the country sent applications to be apart of the MLB Fan Cave for 2012. As one of the final 50, I am being pushed to campaign hard and generate as much buzz for my candidacy as possible. Votes are at a premium. If I can make it to the top 30, I will be sent to Spring Training in Arizona. Through “boot camp” style competitions, the contestants will be whittled down to a smaller number. That smaller number will be invited to the cave, and that is my mission.

It would be awesome if everyone could check out the videos of the Top 50 contestants. If you feel like you want to vote for me, that’s great, too. Everyone I’ve met involved in this competition has been awesome, and it’s been a pleasure just to be a part of it. Having said that, I want to win. Check the link below get me some votes. You can vote unlimited times so hammer that red box.


Kris Neild

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