What if the 2007 MLB draft was held today?

With hindsight being 20/20, what if teams had a chance to redeem themselves in the most difficult draft in all of sports? The 2007 MLB draft makes a good case for this argument, as many of the first-round picks are guys most of you have never heard of and probably never will. Let’s say that every player from the draft, including guys who didn’t sign, were all thrown into one big player pool. How would it look today? Lucky for you, I have a lot of time on my hands. This is meant to be fun, and if I might have overlooked someone, please forgive me. Fifty rounds takes a toll on your eyes.

Here is my attempt at re-doing the 2007 MLB draft today:

The Rays got it right the first time in selecting David Price with the first-overall pick.

1. Tampa Bay Rays — David Price, RHP, Vanderbilt

The Rays got it right the first time, which is not often the case in the MLB draft. The 6’-6” lefty out of Vanderbilt is 61-31 over his five-year career with a 3.16 ERA, 1.17 ERA and 8.3 K/9. He picked up his first Cy Young award this past year after going 20-5 with a 2.56 ERA, 1.10 WHIP and a 6.4 WAR. At 27, he is just entering his prime, and with the Rays having just traded “Big Game” James Shields, they need all the pitching they can get. Original Pick — Price

2. Kansas City Royals — Madison Bumgarner, LHP, South Caldwell HS (NC)

It’s funny that the two teams recently involved in a mega-deal that caused quite a stir around baseball are picking 1-2 in this draft. If the Royals were able to add Bumgarner after acquiring Shields, no one would fault them for making that trade, as they would be legitimate contenders with two aces at the top of their rotation. The 22-year-old left-hander is 36-30 over his four-year career with a 3.20 ERA, 1.19 WHIP, 8.1 K/9 and 3.85 K/BB. He also is a big-game pitcher, going 2-0 in two World Series starts with 15 shutout innings and just five hits allowed. Original Pick — Mike Moustakas

3. Chicago Cubs — Giancarlo Stanton, OF, Notre Dame HS (CA)

Theo Epstein was one of the first guys in line for this event. Camping out overnight with his original pick by his side, he tossed Josh Vitters into the player pool and sat on the floor like a kid on Christmas morning. When Marlins GM Michael Hill walked in with Giancarlo Stanton, Theo was heard screaming, “Oh my God! Oh my God!” The Cubs walk away with a 22-year old who hit .290 last season with 37 home runs, 86 RBI and a league-leading .608 SLG.  Original Pick — Vitters

4. Pittsburgh Pirates — Jason Heyward, OF, Henry County HS (GA)

The Pirates have some serious arms on the way with Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon. What they desperately needed this past season was someone other than Andrew McCutchen on offense. The 22-year-old, 6’-5” left-hander hit .269 last season with 27 home runs, 82 RBI, 21 stolen bases and had an .814 OPS. He also won a Gold Glove, and few balls would drop in the right side of the outfield with him and McCutchen roaming the area. He battled injuries his first two years in the league, but his 158 games played in 2012 show that might be a thing of the past. Original Pick — Daniel Moskos

5. Baltimore Orioles — Jordan Zimmerman, RHP, Wisconsin-Stevens Point

The O’s trade offense for pitching as they lose Matt Wieters but gain an ace to add to the front of their rotation as Dylan Bundy still needs time. Zimmerman is a 26-year-old who finally avoided the injury bug in 2012, posting a 12-8 record over 32 starts with a 2.94 ERA, 1.17 ERA and 153 K/43 BB over 195.2 innings. If he stays healthy, he could join the elite as his stuff is filthy. Original Pick — Matt Wieters

6. Washington Nationals — Chris Sale, LHP, Florida Gulf Coast

So, the Nationals lose Zimmerman and their original pick in Ross Detwiler. They are known for drafting big pitchers and Sale definitely fits that category. At 6’-6”, the left-hander had a breakout season in 2012, going 17-8 with a 3.05 ERA, 1.14 WHIP and 192 K/51 BB over 192 innings. He was named to the All-Star team and finished sixth in the AL Cy Young voting. At just 23 years of age, he, Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez would form one hell of a trio for years to come. Original Pick — Detwiler

7. Milwaukee Brewers — Matt Moore, LHP, Moriarty HS (NM)

Mulligan! The 6’-2” southpaw has a ridiculously fast fastball, a ridiculously disgusting curveball and, despite his high walk totals in 2012, he has very good control. So, yeah, the Brewers jump all over this guy. How they will get over the loss of their original pick, Matt LaPorta, I don’t know. But, the arrival of the 23-year-old Moore should soothe their pain. Original Pick — You already know

8. Colorado Rockies — Craig Kimbrel, RHP, Wallace State CC

I can hear some of you screaming, “How could the best closer in the game go sooooo low?!” Well, I come from the school that starters are more important as 200+ innings are more valuable than 70+. Also, most closers don’t last long, so there is always a higher risk factor involved when a pitcher is violently throwing as hard as he can every time out. Kimbrel put together one of the most dominating seasons ever in 2012, and his 1.46 ERA, 0.91 WHIP and 15.9 K/9 career marks are simply unbelievable. At 24 years of age, he could be an all-timer and the Rockies have a guy who will not get many saves next year. Can you say trade bait? Original Pick — Casey Weathers

9. Arizona Diamondbacks — Jarrod Parker, Norwell HS (IN)

The D-backs keep their original pick in Parker, because, well, you just can’t have enough starting pitching on your team, and the D-backs want them all. Even with the recent trade of stud prospect Trevor Bauer, they are extremely deep, and getting Parker back from Oakland only adds to that. The 23-year-old has a blistering fastball to go along with one of the best Frisbee sliders in the game. He went 13-8 in 2012 with a 3.47 ERA, 1.26 WHIP and 140 K/63 BB over 181.1 innings. A stud in the making. Original Pick — Parker

Giants GM Brian Sabean had a tough time at the event.

10. San Francisco Giants — Freddie Freeman, 1B, El Modena HS (CA)

The Giants take a huge hit in losing Bumgarner, but with Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum and Ryan Vogelsong, they still have a formidable rotation. They need some offense and Freeman gives them a middle-of-the-order run producer who also plays an outstanding first base, defensively. The 6’-5”, 23-year-old left-hander hit .259 last season with 23 home runs, 94 RBI and a .796 OPS. He is only going to get better, and his arrival can move Brandon Belt to the outfield. Unless, of course, Belt gets drafted, say nine spots from here — spoiler. And where is Brian Sabean? Original Pick –Bumgarner

11. Seattle Mariners — Matt Wieters, C, Georgia Institute of Technology

The Mariners have some nice depth in their rotation, both in the majors and in the minors. At Safeco, hitting is always a priority, and Wieters is a guy who can take advantage of the pushed in fences next season. He hit .249 in 2012 with 23 home runs, 83 RBI and had a .764 OPS. He also is one of the premiere backstops in the game, having won a Gold Glove last season. Oh wait, they have Mike Zunino … too late, Marlins are on the clock. Original Pick — Phillippe Aumont

12. Miami Marlins — Drew Pomeranz, LHP, Collierville HS (TN)

Thomas Andrew Pomeranz was drafted in 2007 by the Texas Rangers with the 380th pick but decided to go to Ole Miss instead. He probably wishes he signed back then as his new team is barely that. The 6’-5”, 240-pound left-hander has a ton of upside and could be the team’s ace, as well as their shortstop, in 2013. Original Pick — Matt Dominguez

13. Cleveland Indians — Ross Detwiler, LHP, Missouri State

The Indians are retooling again. The addition of Trevor Bauer was a good start as his potential is scary, although character concerns are an issue. Detwiler is a solid middle-of-the-rotation guy who still has upside. In his first full year as a starter last season, he had a 3.40 ERA, 1.22 WHIP and 105 K/52 BB over 164.1 innings. The 6’-5” left-hander held opponents to a .229 batting average. Original Pick — Beau Mills

14. Atlanta Braves — Anthony Rizzo, 1B, Stoneman-Douglas HS (FL)

The Braves were the one team that wanted no part of this fiasco. Losing Heyward, Kimbrel and Freeman is tough to swallow, but they can at least try and replace Freeman with Rizzo, a 23-year-old left-hander with 30+ home run potential. The Braves could probably lose their entire team and still make the playoffs. Original Pick — Heyward

15. Cincinnati Reds — Cory Luebke, LHP, The Ohio State University

Dusty Baker gets a pitcher who is coming off Tommy Johnsurgery, which is funny because it is usually the other way around. Because, you know … oh, forget it. Luebke is a 6’-4” left-hander who has a career 3.25 ERA, 1.10 WHIP and 195 K/58 BB over 188.1 innings. Original Pick — Deven Mesoraco

16. Toronto Blue Jays — Josh Collmenter, RHP, Central Michigan

The SEC, I mean the AL East, is going to be highly entertaining this season. Except for the Red Sox, of course. You are going to need all of the pitching you can get, and the Jays have been stockpiling this offseason. They can add a starter/reliever in Collmenter, a control pitcher who had 80 K/22 BB over 90.1 innings for the Diamondbacks last season with a 3.69 ERA and 1.26 WHIP. Original Pick — Kevin Ahrens

17. Texas Rangers — Will Middlebrooks, 3B, Liberty Eylau HS (TX)

After losing both Josh Hamilton and Michael Young, the Rangers need some more pop in their lineup. Middlebrooks hit .288 over 75 games for the Red Sox last season with 15 home runs, 54 RBI and an .835 OPS. With Adrian Beltre at third base, he can be the primary DH and hit in the middle of the lineup. Original Pick — Blake Beavan

18. St. Louis Cardinals — Mike Moustakas, 3B, Chatsworth HS (CA)

The Cardinals don’t need much. They got within one game of reaching the World Series last season, have won the World Series twice in the last seven years and have been in the playoffs nine of the last 13 seasons. Their farm system is loaded, too. Moustakas is a guy who could play first base, if needed, and gives the team a power bat. Over 149 games with the Royals last season, he hit .242 with 20 home runs, 73 RBI and a .708 OPS. Still just 24, there is a lot of upside in the original number-two pick in this draft. Original Pick — Peter Kozma

19. Philadelphia Phillies — Brandon Belt, 1B/OF, Hudson HS (TX)

The Phillies outfield is a mess right now. Adding Belt, a 6’-5” left-hander, would be a coup for a team riddled with injuries the last couple of seasons. The 24-year-old hit .275 with seven home runs, 56 RBI and stole 12 bases over 145 games for the Giants last season. A ton of upside with him. “Let him go Sabean!” Original Pick — Joseph Savery

20. Los Angeles Dodgers — Ben Revere, OF, Lexington Catholic HS (KY)

Magic Johnson tried to buy the entire draft.

Magic Johnson appears to be filming a re-boot of Brewster’s Millions lately. They don’t need much, but Revere gives them insurance for Carl Crawford. The 24-year-old left-hander hit .294 over 124 games for the Twins last season with 40 stolen bases and just 54 strikeouts over 553 plate appearances. Phillies are pissed, by the way. Original Pick — Christopher Withrow

21. Toronto Blue Jays — Todd Frazier, 3B/1B/OF, Rutgers

Frazier can play all over the place. As a rookie in 2012, he hit .273 with 19 home runs, 67 RBI and had an .829 OPS over 128 games for the Reds and finished third in the NL ROY voting. The 26-year-old gives the Jays flexibility. The Blue Jays have a really good team this year. Original pick — J.P. Arencibia

22. San Francisco Giants — Drew Storen, RHP, Brownsburg HS (IN)

The draft turns to Giants GM Brian Sabean, who is now handcuffed to his chair after attempting to run out of the place with Bumganer and Belt. Head in his lap, the cries of, “Why?” echo throughout the room. “We will win it with our bullpen,” he says. “Give me Storen.“ He collapses on the floor. Original Pick — Timothy Alderson

23. San Diego Padres — Zack Cozart, SS, Ole Miss

Cozart hit .246 over 138 games for the Reds last season with 33 doubles, 15 home runs, 35 RBI and a .687 OPS. They don’t really need him, but shortstops are in hot demand and Cozart could attract some offers. I got lazy with this one to be honest with you. Original pick — Nicholas Schmidt

24. Texas Rangers — Jonathan Lucroy, C, Louisiana-Lafayette

After losing Mike Napoli to the Red Sox, the Rangers are said to be in hot pursuit of A.J. Pierzynski from the White Sox. Well hold your horses Texas, your problem is solved. While A.J. might be coming off a career year with 27 home runs in 2012, Lucroy is 10 years younger and can handle the bat pretty well himself. Over 96 games for the Brewers last year, the 26-year-old hit .320 with 12 home runs, 58 RBI and had an .881 OPS. And he isn’t a punk. Original Pick — Michael Main

25. Chicago White Sox — Travis d’Arnaud, C, Lakewood HS (CA)

The White Sox are most likely about to lose Pierzynski. They aren’t legitimate contenders this season, so they can grab one of the best catching prospects in the game in d’Arnaud. Over 67 games at triple-A last season, he hit .333 with 16 home runs, 52 RBI and a .975 OPS. The 23-year-old has great offensive potential. Mets fans are pissed. Original Pick — Aaron Poreda

26. Oakland Athletics — Jake Arrieta, RHP, TCU

Billy Beane loves his pitching, and Arrieta is a guy who could be on the verge of a breakout year. The 26-year-old posted a 6.20 ERA last season, however, he did have 109 K/35 BB over 114.2 innings, showing the power/control combo that usually points to success at some point. Original Pick — Donald Simmons

27. Detroit Tigers — J.P. Arencibia, C, Tennessee

The Tigers add more power to an already powerful lineup. The 26-year-old hit .233 with 18 home runs and 56 RBI over 102 games for the Blue Jays last season. Arencibia is thrilled to not have to catch a knuckleball this season. Original Pick — Rick Porcello

28. Minnesota Twins — Rick Porcello, RHP, Seton Hall Prep (NJ)

The Tigers reportedly have gotten “dozens” of offers for Porcello. Personally, I don’t see it. He doesn’t strike out a lot of guys and gives up a ton of hits. But he is 6’-5” and just 23 years of age, so he could still figure it out. Original Pick — Ben Revere

29. San Francisco Giants — Steve Cishek, RHP, Carson-Newman College (TN)

Sabean, still curled up on the floor, starts laughing uncontrollably. “Give me Cishek!” He then starts pumping his fist in the air shouting, “Bullpen! Bullpen!” An ambulance is called. Original Pick — Wendell Fairley

30. New York Yankees — Russell Wilson, SS, The Collegiate School (VA)

This one is easy. Mark Sanchez is terrible and recently got demoted after another abysmal performance. The Yankees can help out their hometown team by drafting Wilson, the current QB of the Seahawks who has been outstanding in his rookie season, and trading him to the Jets. (I know this isn’t possible, relax.) Original Pick — Andrew Brackman

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