What’s in Stohr? — Detroit Tigers pitching prospect joins TTFB writing team

Tyler Stohr recently got the news he was added to the Detroit Tigers 40-man roster. (Danny Wild/MLB.com)

Hello baseball fans! Tyler Stohr, here. As I am new at TTFB, I figured I would let everyone know a little bit about me, my career and What’s in Stohr with my life as a professional baseball player.

I am a right-handed relief pitcher in the Detroit Tigers organization, a career that has been a dream of mine since I can remember. I was born in Marlboro, New York, a small town about 80 miles north of New York City. It was there where my passion for baseball began — where my father introduced me to the game. As most little boys grow up idolizing their fathers, I was not much different. My father, Keith, who is currently a scout for the Chicago Cubs, used to spend hours with me in our backyard playing catch, taking batting practice and simply talking about our favorite big-league players.

My mother, who is probably my biggest supporter, traveled many miles and spent countless hours doing everything she could to get me where I am today. With my father, a Cubs employee, and me, being in the Tigers organization, you can imagine the divide in my mom’s wardrobe. I think she is thankful our organizations are in different leagues. I am thankful that she is my mother and has always been a lead figure in my life. She was my first phone call a few weeks ago after I received word that I had been added to the Tiger’s 40-man roster. I am very blessed to have the love and support of my family.

The journey I took to get to today probably was not the smoothest, but every stepping stone taught me something and gave me an appreciation for what the game of baseball has done for me. I once heard somebody say this game will give more to you than you will ever give back to it … there is definitely truth to that statement. Most of my closest friends were met, somehow, through baseball. Some of my greatest memories are on the baseball field, including the recent Arizona Fall League Championship that I shared with the 2011 Salt River Rafters. My relationships with former coaches and teammates I have met through baseball are ones that I truly cherish because of their lasting effect on my life.

When presented the opportunity to write for TTFB by my agents at ProStar Management, I was excited to share my experiences and my perspective of professional baseball with the fans. It was an opportunity I could not pass up. In the coming weeks, you’ll find out what a typical offseason day consists of, my family’s holiday traditions and my reflections on the 2011 Season. I look forward to you guys checking in every so often to find out What’s in Stohr. Go Tigers and God bless!

John 6:27

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