World Series game six was head-spinning bliss

The weather forecast was dead on last night. (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Tonight is game seven, and I will not be so bold as to make a prediction on the winner. Instead, let’s just talk baseball. After this evening’s game, many fans will fall into a dismal, no-baseball slump until spring (unless we count winter meetings and trades). Nevertheless, it has been an entertaining season thus far.

Tonight, in game seven, it all comes to an end. The 2011 boys of summer will soon become memories, and other pastimes will occupy our time. Fans here in Detroit still have hopes for the Detroit Lions and Red Wings, as our Tigers gear has been packed away.

Now, let’s talk about game six. What a game it was. I could not get enough of this game. It has been a wonderful series, and it will come down to a final game. Am I looking forward to game seven? Without a doubt.

If you are a true baseball fan, you are glued to the television set at your favorite local establishment or in your favorite comfy chair. Me? I’m in Michigan at the Grand Traverse Resort for a conference. Throughout the game I switched chairs, sprawled out on a huge king bed, laid on the floor, and paced back and fourth as each inning progressed. As I paced around, I was thinking the Detriot Tigers should have been playing in this game. This would have been the great re-match of the 2006 World Series where the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Tigers. Unfortunately, the reality was the other team had Texas Rangers uniforms on.

To be honest, I cannot decide who I want to win. I am a baseball fan at heart, and I get to cover sports on radio, television and this website. I found myself rooting for both teams as the game moved toward the ninth inning. When the Cardinals cut the lead to 7-5 with a run the eighth inning, I found myself pulling for them in the ninth to end it. In the 10th, there was Josh Hamilton and his home run, and I was on the Rangers side once more.

In the bottom of the 10th, I was chanting “Cards, Cards , Cards.” When the Cardinals tied the game again, I thought this was one of the best games I had seen in years. Then came the 11th inning. The Rangers failed to score. My heart was racing over the last four innings, and I had to take a few aspirins for my head. I could not imagine the line-up cards for the managers. The Cardinals were down to one player left on the bench. I was wondering who would be the hero of game six. That question was soon answered as David Freese hit the walk-off home run that landed in a patch of grass over the center-field wall. When the ball landed, the St. Louis fans all raced for that prized possession. Freese, the hometown boy who grew up watching the Cardinals, had just won game six for them sending this series into a game seven.

A champion will be crowned tonight. So, to everyone out there, enjoy game seven!

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