Andrew Walter

An attorney by day, and a Twins fan by night, Andrew Walter grew up near the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, but now calls suburban Hartford, Connecticut home. He's a happily married father of a rescued Black Lab and a cat. He was six when the Twins won the 1987 World Series, ten when they did it again in 1991, and still idolizes Kirby Puckett and Kent Hrbek. As a teenager, Andrew suffered through the "lean years" of Twins baseball, including threats of contraction, Marty Cordova and Pat Meares as supposed star players, and years of battles waged over the funding of a baseball only stadium, which thankfully culminated in the construction of Target Field. He also played against Joe Mauer in VFW baseball (Joe was a few years younger, though, and just a little bit better). Now, as an east coast transplant, he still loves following the Twins, and blogs about them several times per week at Twins Fan From Afar. Although Andrew appreciates Sabermetrics, he believes that an old fashioned slash line can still tell us a lot about a player, and although he loves Target Field, the Metrodome still holds many great memories. Drop me a line at
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