Fantasy baseball entry contest: Trivia Question #3

As mentioned in the post announcing our fantasy leagues, participants will be chosen by correctly answering trivia questions. We have begun the journey to find the lucky 18 to compete in our public league — the winner of which will not only be invited to compete in next season’s Staff League, but will also receive a very special gift in the mail.

In order to compete, you must respond to this post with a comment in the following format:

  • Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Answer

If you are one of the first two to supply the right answer, Jamie will be contacting you at the e-mail you supplied to send you an invite to the league. So, without any further ado, here is the trivia question:

What pitcher on the 1903 Boston American led the rotation in strikeouts?

AGAIN: Only the first two correct answers will receive invitations to the fantasy league. Good luck!


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  1. Well, it looks like David was the only one with a correct answer to this trivia.

    Jamie will be in contact with you short to get you an invite to the league.

  2. Haha, well I’ll be the first. Thanks to Cy Young, the Americans won the American League by 14.5 games. I know guys were tougher back then, but it’s pretty impressive that they only used six pitchers all year, and only of them only pitched once.

  3. LOL.

    Yeah, it is considerably easier.

    …just need some people to post the correct answer now.

  4. Only the most famous pitcher in the history of professional baseball. Not only did he lead the pitching staff in strikeouts, but his batting average that year was higher than every position player on the team’s except two, one of whom had just 52 at-bats. Brad, this question was a million times easier than yesterday’s.

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