Nick Cannata-Bowman
My name is Nick Cannata-Bowman (or Nick C-B for those of you intimidated by the madness that is an excess of letters squeezed into one last name). A Giants fan since the tender age of four, my fan-related frustrations came to a boiling point in 2005, when I first ventured into the world of blogging. I joined up with a small operation started by Northeastern University grad Evan Brunell known as Most Valuable Network (MVN). Working as one of three writers on the blog “Giants Cove,” I finally had a place to vent both my excitement and disappointment for my beloved home team. MVN was forced to shut down due to financial constraints in 2009 and I left without a soapbox on which to stand. With a few bucks in pocket for a domain name and a Wordpress account, Croix De Candlestick was born. Since October of 2009, I’ve been fortunate enough to run my own operation, able to froth and rant to my heart’s content. Now I find myself here at Through the Fence Baseball hoping to be heard by a wider audience than that of my humble blog. If you like what you see here, I encourage you to check out Croix de Candlestick.