Best Baseball Helmets

Best Baseball Helmets for the 2022 Season

Baseball season has either already started or is getting ready to begin. Watching baseball and playing baseball can be fun to watch. It also however can be very dangerous to watch. Especially when a player gets hit in the face with a pitch. You can get a concession or even suffer facial injuries from being hit in the face. Therefore, batters wear helmets while batting. It protects their face and ears from impact from a baseball. These helmets give the players two layers of protection. It gives them a tough outer shell and soft inner padding. The outer shell acts as a barrier between the ball and the head. The soft inner padding absorbs the hit, so you don’t feel any effects from the hit. While playing baseball you can not just use any helmet. You must make sure you are using the best helmet out there, so you don’t get injured.  Listed below are the best baseball helmets to use for the 2022 baseball season.

Option 1: EASTON Z5 Batting Helmet- Best Overall.

The first best helmet has a high-quality ABS that does an excellent job of shielding the head against injuries. Another part of the helmet is it has a sturdy jaw guard that gives you even more protection around your face, so you don’t get hit. This helmet also includes dual-density foam on the inside that works as a shock absorber while also making it very comfortable as well. It also comes with a BioDri padded liner that absorbs moisture and prevents the helmet from smelling. This helmet meets all the NOCSAE standards and is safe to use.

Option 2: Rawlings Coolflo Molded Helmet- Best for Pocket

The second best helmet is very sturdy and very affordable. This is good for practice sessions. This has an outer shell made with high-quality ABS plastic that will protect you from getting hit by a baseball due to the impact of the throw. The inner layer of the helmet is designed with a foam lining that decreases vibrations and absorbs shock from the blow. It also contains proper ear and jaw guard protection that will prevent you from hitting and is very comfortable to wear. The Major leagues have approved this helmet because it meets all the NOCSAE standards.

Option 3: Mizuno B6 Adult Batting Helmet- Best Value for Money

The third best helmet is Mizuno and they are known for manufacturing its finest baseball equipment. This helmet might be one of their famous products. It is expensive but it is worth it. It is engineered with ABS plastic that is very light, so you don’t feel any heaviness on your head while wearing it. While it is light the headgear is strong and can protect you from even the most severe hits during a baseball game. It has an EVA foam lining on the inner side that acts as a shock absorber and provides you with a comfortable wearing experience. This helmet also has on the inner layer Drylite which absorbs moisture and sweat.

Option 4: Under Armor Batting Helmet- Best for Professionals

This can be used for both softball and baseball. It follows all the NOCSAE standards and is perfect for both kids and adults. It is ideal for professionals because of its lightweight and sturdy construction. The outer shell contains ABS that does all the work of protecting your head from impact. On the inner side, manufacturers have used foam lining that provides you with comfort and protects you from high-impact hits.

Option 5: Boombah DEFCON Helmet:

This helmet is one of the most stylish helmets that are available on the market. It has a very cool design with vibrant color outlining. It has a dual-density padding system that works as a protective shield against high-impact hits and provides you with comfort. It also contains a unique venting system that improves airflow inside the headgear. This helmet comes with predrilled space if you want to add extra masks and chin straps.

Option 6: Frofile Bike Helmet

This is a perfect helmet to use for kids and anybody who are a beginner in the game. It has an open face design that allows you to clearly view the ball coming from the pitcher. This helmet also has quick-release adjustable buckles for sturdy fitting and protects you from the sun and rain as well. This is also very light and can be used for other activities as well. It is only available in one size, and with the help of the adjustable buckles, you can use it for practice sessions with your kids as well. This helmet also has a soft padded inner lining of EVA foam that functions as an anti-shock absorber. The outer shell consists of high-quality PVC that protects you from hits.

Before buying a baseball helmet you should know that there are many different types of baseball helmets. There are 3 types. They are the open face, fast pitch, and jaw guard.

Open face helmets are the most common ones available. These helmets have a simple design that only covers your head and has no face guards. These helmets may allow you to see the ball clearly, but they may not be very safe. They are best used for small league matches because the ground is small, and there are fewer chances of getting hit with a ball.

Fastpitch helmets are ones that provide lower face protection. They have a metal guard that provides a shield that protects your teeth. This is typically seen in softball because their throw styles are different than baseball.

Jaw guard helmets have a plastic deflector located on one side so the ball can not hit you directly on that side. When you purchase a helmet like this you must know your batting stance. The jaw guard is always on the side facing the pitcher. These helmets are always customizable so you can always add extra chin guards, straps, and more.   

Ear Guards:

Ear guards are very important to any baseball helmet. Baseball players have been hit in the ear and got a really serious injury due to the force of the hit. The ear guards are made with EVA foam and act as a shock absorber to protect you from the blow. They also give you a little bit more protection to the ears.

Face Guards:

Faceguards are meant to provide protection for your mouth, teeth, and jaw. They are built with metal or plastic and are extremely sturdy. They also add extra protection to your face and the ball cannot hit you in the face. These face guards are recommended to be used for kids, so they don’t suffer any severe injuries.  If your helmet does not have a faceguard, you can buy one from that same brand, so you don’t have any misfitting.


The size of a baseball helmet is very important. Having the wrong size helmet can make it impossible to play. If the helmet is too large then the helmet will come off easily. If you have a helmet that is tight it can give you a severe headache. To find the right helmet you must measure your head. You take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your head. You go from one ear to the other ear. Once you are done you find a size chart and then find one that fits closely. Also, before you buy a helmet you can try some of them on. If you try one on making sure that it is at least an inch above your eyebrows and is not loose around the head. A proper helmet should not tilt too much in a forward or backward direction.


A helmet’s job is to protect you from high-impact hits from a close distance. So, there are chances they would get damaged over time. The helmet must offer good durability, so you don’t have to go back out to spend more money on another helmet. Look for the helmet’s warranty period, construction, and material before deciding whether you should buy the helmet or not. These factors determine the durability of the helmet, and you should not overlook these at all.  

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