Blue Crew needs big bat, quick!

The Los Angeles Dodgers should post a “Gigs Offered” listing on Craig’s List: Home-run hitter needed; preferably able to bat .290 and hit at least one knock per four games.

At an okay 20-23, the Dodgers are currently in third place in the National League West. They have a chance to take sole possession of second place with a brief two-game set against the rival Giants beginning today. They are only three and a half games behind a returning-to-reality Colorado Rockies club. First place is there for the taking in a wide-open, “who’ll-be-the-first-to-step-up?” division. The Dodgers are right there, despite the opinions and predictions of many critics at the beginning of the year. But they’re going to have to bring in a heavy lumber acquisition.

Is Jermaine Dye available?

In a radio interview on XTRA Sports 1360 San Diego just yesterday afternoon, Dye said that he was in fact retired, enjoying some quality time with his wife and three children. So, I guess he’s out. Yet, he is the type of player the Dodgers should look to deal for. In 2009, they made a similar transaction to pick up likely future Hall-of-Famer Jim Thome, though the deal really didn’t help them as they couldn’t get enough at-bats for him. Troy Glaus, Cristian Guzman and Joe Crede are home run-caliber free agents who’ll no doubt be setting their phones to vibrate and ring when teams look to ante up for their late-summer push towards the post-season (though the Dodgers may not want to touch the volatile Guzman with a 10-foot bat).

Regardless of who the boys in blue target, they should definitely target acquiring someone. Both Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier’s batting averages are starting to come back down to normal. And though the starting pitching is beginning to stabilize, the Dodgers are only averaging 2.8 runs in their last 10 games and 1.8 in their last five, with a record of 5-5 and 2-3, (the latter games all at home), respectively. They certainly could use some help.

Though, with a team struggling to make payroll from month to month, let’s just hope the front office will be able to pay the help.

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