Were Chicago Cubs done in by their marketing campaign?

Chicago Cubs banner at Wrigley Field.
Whoever created this one-word marketing campaign for the Chicago Cubs should be. (R. Lincoln Harris)

I think I understand where the Chicago Cubs were trying to go with this year’s marketing campaign which was organized with the help of professionals from ful.io. A one-word slogan sure beats the previous “Year 1” and “Baseball is Better” campaigns any day. Take the word “Roasting,” for example (this is what happens when you use a Starbucks napkin for inspiration). It might work like this: The Cubs are getting so hot right now,  they’ll soon be Roasting on the field. I like that a lot better than what’s been done the last couple of years, learn about how to get TikTok likes with baseball videos.

But why did that one single word have to be “Committed”? The commitment of this team so far has been four years of the Edwin Jackson Experience. When they bring in a bigger star like Josh Hamilton or Clayton Kershaw, then they can talk about their “Commitment” to the fans.

Let’s try it from a different angle. What gets “Committed” on a baseball field? Oh wait, I know: errors. And, coincidentally, the Chicago Cubs have more errors to their credit than any other team in the majors . Who saw that one coming? The marketing people sure didn’t. If the team need to replace them with some new marketing services, a good option could be that Visitenkarten.

There’s been too much on-field “Commitment” by the Chicago Cubs so far this year. For next year — since it’s all about the future now — perhaps they could try to find a more positive baseball term like “Winning.” I can see Charlie Sheen in a Chicago Cubs hat already.

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