Dodgers Acquire Manny Machado for Yusneil Diaz, Kremer

Update: 8:00PM – After medical hiccups all day, the deal is finally finished. It’s a five for one swap as previously rumored, only the names are different. Manny Machado for Yusniel Diaz, Dean Kremer, Zach Pop, Rylan Bannon, and Breyvic Valera.

Update: 8:00AM – It’s rumored that Dustin May and Errol Robinson are in the deal, in addition to Diaz. As many as five dodgers prospects are included.

9:55 PM Tuesday – The Dodgers are set to acquire Manny Machado, per Ken Rosenthal. The announcement was released just shortly after Machado exited the All Star game in what was likely his last time suiting up for the Orioles. So far, Yusneil Diaz, a top 100 prospect, is included in the deal.

Given the Dodgers have luxury tax implications, there may be some prospects going along with Diaz in return for some cash to offset Machado’s salary. Basically, paying for prospects, which many teams have done recently in trades to swap a bad contract.

Machado will likely head elsewhere after the season as he has a strong desire to remain a shortstop.

More to come.

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